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Are Indonesian Universities Failing to Protect the Victims of Sexual Assault?

Campus sexual assault has long been a serious, but rarely discussed, issue at Indonesian universities. VICE talks to experts and survivors to investigate how big of a problem it is.
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An Alien Abduction Therapist Explains Extraterrestrial Encounters

An clinical hypnotherapist specializing in alien abductions, UFO's, and extraterrestrial contact answers 10 questions about her job treating people who've encountered the extraordinary.
Indonesia Riot

The Women Who Used Tattoos to Save Themselves From Sexual Slavery

During Japanese occupation, thousands of Southeast Asian women were forced to serve as sex workers. But on one tiny island in Indonesia, local women resisted by heavily tattooing themselves. VICE traveled to meet the last tattooed women of Timor.

Disco Isn't Dead in Indonesia: Indopop

In this episode of Indopop, a series made in partnership with GO-JEK that's all about nostalgia, we look back at the golden age of Indonesian disco and then meet the people behind its revival today.

How Colonialism Brought South Indian Flavors to Indonesia: Akarasa

In this episode of Akarasa, a food series paid for by GO-JEK, our host Ade Putri embarks on a jet-setting journey to discover the origins of roti canai.

How Centuries of Chinese Migration Changed Indonesian Food Forever: Akarasa

In this episode of Akarasa, a food series made in partnership with GO-JEK, we explore the history, flavors, and traditions of Chinese noodles—a dish with roots thousands of kilometers away.
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Heaven and Hell: Indonesia’s Battle Over Polygamy

In Indonesia, a new front is fighting to popularize polygamy, a controversial practice, even in this Muslim-majority nation. VICE travels to West Java to meet the people behind this movement.
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Growing Up In Bali Bites: Fangsters

VICE follows a Balinese teen as she spiritually grinds down her upper canine teeth to see how the youngest generation of adults is taking on a coming of age tradition with deep roots on the island.
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Inside Indonesia's Notorious Debt Collecting Industry: The Debtfathers

Debt collecting in Indonesia is usually seen as the domain of the underworld. We meet the biggest players in the industry to see how they're breaking the negative stigma.
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Sumba Is Home to the World's Most Complex Marriage Proposals: High Bride

VICE follows the journey of Piter Praing, a young Sumba boy who is herding livestock and his whole family to propose to his girlfriend and fulfill a costly marriage dowry.
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Mamah Dedeh Is the Badass Muslim Preaching Mom of Indonesia

For Ramadan, VICE tagged along with a group of middle-aged Indonesian housewives on their trip to see a badass fellow mom and Muslim preacher, Mamah Dedeh, in action.
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Inside a Wild Indonesian Circumcision Party: Boogie Horse

Kuda Renggong is a wild Indonesian Ritual celebrating young boys' circumcision. Dancing horses carry boys in colorful costumes around town, paving their way into manhood.
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Speed Jockeys: Teen Dragsters Risking It All For Fame And Fortune

Indonesia's underground drag racing scene is huge, with bets of thousands of dollars on high-stakes street races. VICE follows a young racer as he climbs the podium and risks his life for fame and fortune.
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Indonesia's Ancient Drag Queen Tradition: Lengger Lanang

After the communist crackdown in the 1960's, Lengger Lanang disappeared. VICE follows a group of men reawakening Lengger's drag roots.
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Straight Answer Dives Headfirst Into Life

Hardcore legends Straight Answer almost met their end when their lead singer, Aca, suffered a massive stroke. Now they're back to play their comeback show in Jakarta.
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Royal Blood: Inside Indonesia’s Lavish, Bloody Funeral Ceremonies

VICE Indonesia visits the highlands of South Sulawesi to see how new money is changing the face of the Torajan people's ancient, and bloody, funeral traditions.
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The Young Girls Whose Feet Never Touch the Ground

Broadly heads to Nepal to witness the centuries-old tradition of worshipping Kumari, a living goddess manifested in the body of a young girl.

Life Inside a Chinese Bitcoin Mine

Motherboard visits a secretive Bitcoin mine located in rural Northeast China and document a day-in-the-life of the three employees hired to maintain the mine.