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Serving Drinks at the Center of Japan's Pandemic | COVID-19 Hits Hostess Bars Hard

Hostess bars have been singled out as one source of Japan’s still spreading COVID-19 pandemic.
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How to Hold an Election During a Pandemic: Singapore Heads to the Polls

Singapore is the first country in Southeast Asia to hold an election since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. VICE News follows candidates on the campaign trail.
The Rainbow Guide to Life

How to Talk About Trans Issues in Indonesia | The Rainbow Guide to Life

In this second episode of 'The Rainbow Guide to Life' hosts Ian Hugen, and activist Kanzha Vina talk about what it means to be transgender in Indonesia.
What Works

As China Sees New Outbreaks, Here’s What It Can Learn From Its Neighbour Taiwan | What Works

Taiwan has had no new ‘local’ coronavirus cases since April 14th - an unparalleled feat considering its geographical proximity to China.
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Tropical Storms Are Getting Worse And We're All To Blame

Carbon emissions, thoughtless development, and activities like the cutting down of mangrove forests are leading to accelerated destruction across the world.
The Rainbow Guide to Life

The Rainbow Guide To Life: Self-Love

Artist Priyanka Paul, and piano teacher Angelique Jacquet talk about self-love and how one can find it in a world that is constantly telling people to hate themselves.
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Deepa Mehta Returns To Direct Netflix India’s New Series, 'Leila' Starring Huma Qureshi

Based on Prayaag Akbar’s novel by the same name, Leila is Netlix’s latest offering. Huma Qureshi, in a central role as Shalini, wanders a dystopian world torn apart by class and caste divides, in search for her daughter, taken away by higher forces.
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Meet Manipur's YouTube Sensation: Gems Chongtham

Gems Chongtham is a young singer, actor and popstar from Imphal, Manipur in India, who chanced upon this career after multiple attempts at being a doctor, painter and even an archer. Now, locals can’t have enough of him!
VICE Self-Portraits

Self Portrait: Rita Ora

Rita Ora stopped by VICE Asia to draw herself and her alter-ego.
The VICE Questionnaire of Life

The Questionnaire of Life: Rita Ora

Rita Ora visited VICE Asia to answer some of the hardest and most important questions in life.