Self Cannibalism

Eating My Blood By Baking It Into A Meringue

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Jamie Lee Curtis Taete has been vegan or vegetarian for almost 20 years. After years of carnivorous peer-pressure, he has finally decided to consume animal products from the only truly ethical source: Himself.
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Eating Caterpillars for Protein with a Pro Football Player

Jabar Westerman of the Montreal Alouettes used to be a vegan, but he found it difficult to get all of the protein that he needed in one meal. So instead of turning to traditional meat or chicken, he began eating caterpillars.
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This Football Player Is on a High-Caterpillar Diet

Pro football player Jabar Westerman eats caterpillars every day. The otherwise vegan athlete says the insects are one of his biggest sources of protein. We went to Jabar's place as he made spaghetti and caterpillar balls for a skeptical teammate.
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Meet a World-Record Holding Vegan Strongman

We go to the gym with German, world-record holding strongman Patrik Baboumian, to find out how a plant-based diet fuels his massive strength and how a baby crow inspired him to give up meat.
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Career Advice from Superiority Burger's Chef Brooks Headley

Brooks Headley is the chef at New York's Superiority Burger, best known for its famous veggie burger. While on tour in Toronto to promote his new cookbook we asked him what advice he has for aspiring chefs.
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Natalie Portman's Favorite Home Cooked Dinner

Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman makes us one of her vegan staples.
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This 'Slab Pizza' Has Been Building a Devout Following for 50 Years

This 'Slab Pizza' Has Been Building a Devout Following for 50 Years
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Why I Believe Lab-Grown 'Clean Meat' Is the Future

Paul Shapiro is an advocate for lab-grown meat and the author of the new book, Clean Meat. He answered some of our most pressing questions about his vision for the future of meat.
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How to Make Vegan Cheese that Doesn't Suck

Daily VICE's Brigitte Noël learns how to make a tasty, spreadable, dairy-free cheese from a vegan cooking instructor.
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Vegan Shepherd's Pie

MUNCHIES culinary director Farideh Sadeghin teaches us how to make the classic meat and potato dish vegan.

Gucci Mane Gets Accosted by Vegan

Most of us are happy about Gucci Mane's come up. This vegan is not.
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Cruelty Free Cannabis Cuisine

Afro-vegan chef Bryant Terry cooks prepares cannabis-infused vegan dishes.