Plastic Planet

I Got Surgery to Have Six Pack Abs

VICE follows two men getting cosmetic surgery. One who is getting liposuction on his abdominal area to get the six pack he always wanted. The other visits The Club House, a “man-cave” in Manhattan dedicated to male plastic surgery.
Well, Thank U

An Idiot's Guide To Getting Rid Of Toxins

You might not know exactly what toxins are, but you know you want to get rid of them. The problem is being healthy is boring — unless you take some short cuts.
Yes Man

Grant Stoddard's Four-Week Body Transformation

Grant Stoddard hits the gym with trainer Ngo Okafor, hoping to get ripped in four weeks flat.
Broadly Shorties

The True Origins of Dreadlocks

HairBySusy breaks down the history behind dreadlocks and how they are being worn today.

Bill of Health

Health is wealth (and it comes with a hefty price tag).
VICE Australia Shorties


Each year, the best nail artists from around the globe descend on Australia for Nailympia — one of the most prestigious nail art competitions in the world. The entries challenge and defy our ideas of what a manicure can be.
Yes Man

Scalp Micropigmentation

By age 35, roughly half of American men will have experienced some degree of hair loss. To beat biology to the punch, resident "yes man" Grant Stoddard is getting his scalp tattooed. It's a cosmetic trend known as "scalp micropigmentation."
Yes Man

The Cryofacial

Grant Stoddard has made a living writing about health and sex. Now, he's going to explore some of the more unusual beauty crazes gripping New York City. First up, the cryofacial.

China's Webcam Industry Is a Modern-Day Gold Rush

A growing number of people in China are pursuing webcam performance to make a living—with some live-streamers making as much $100,000 a month.
Loverboy podbija Nowy Jork

LOVERBOY: Charles Jeffrey Takes New York (Full Length Documentary)

London fashion designer Charles Jeffrey journeys to New York during fashion week to explore runway shows, DIY designers and an underground club culture not seen in the city for decades.
Loverboy podbija Nowy Jork

Charles Jeffrey Takes New York's DIY Culture

Episode 3 | How To DIY. In the final part of our LOVERBOY Takes NY series, designer Charles Jeffrey gets the chance to meet nightlife icon Susanne Bartsch at one of her legendary club nights, learns about an emerging collective's DIY spirit, and brin
Loverboy podbija Nowy Jork

Loverboy Takes New York: Teil zwei

Im zweiten Teil unserer Serie „Loverboy Takes New York“ treffen wir die Club-Kids, die wieder Leben in das Nachtleben des Big Apple bringen.