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Why People Detach From Reality

For mental health awareness month, VICE talks to Justin Brown, a licensed clinical social worker and therapist, who explains this little known disorder and what living with DPDR can feel like for people experiencing this condition.
The War On Drugs

How Speed is Fuelling Wars in The Middle East

The Syrian government have become some of the world’s biggest amphetamine dealers – flooding the Middle East with the drug Captagon to finance their war machine.

Sex Abuse in the Korean Military

South Korea’s military is considered one of its most male-dominant institutions. In 2021, a female soldier committed suicide after being repeatedly sexually assaulted.
VWN Investigators

How We Broke Netflix's Cheer Sexual Abuse Scandal

After receiving a tip off about sexual misconduct in cheerleading, Marisa Kwiatkowski and Tricia Nadolny from USA Today investigated the system of loopholes that allowed convicted sex offenders to be involved in cheerleading.
I Was There When...

Growing Up With Jean-Micheal Basquiat | Behind the Crown

Through the stories and words of his sisters Lisane Basquiat & Jeanine Heriveaux, VICE gets a unique look into the life of famed artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.
Smog + Mirrors

The Secret Ways The Oil Industry Brainwashes You

Four whistleblowers expose how the oil and gas industry has infiltrated governments, courts, banks and even our own brains to ensure that society will always be powerless to stop them.
Overlooked / web

How a Chemical Company Created a Ghost Town

A historic town built by formerly enslaved people after the Civil War has been destroyed by industry, particularly by South African apartheid-era company Sasol.

Hunting the Next Global Virus

Bat expert Paul searches the deep caves of Kenya to catch and test bats that may be carrying an undiscovered virus that could cause the next pandemic.
Side Hustles

MMA Fighter and Drag Queen: Dos Pistolas

Diego Garijo is a professional MMA fighter with a 15 year run of brutal fights, including the first sanctioned bare knuckle match in Mexico. On the side, he sells his paintings as a drag queen named Lola.
Local Legends

This is Where Elite Santas Are Made

Rick Rosenthal is Santa Clause. He’s renowned for training the world’s best Santas at his Northern Lights Santa Academy but he’s an Orthodox Jew. After the death of his parents inspired him to don the red, Rick has been Santa ever since

Hunting for a Lost Russian Satellite in Canada

Braving the wilderness of Canada, two scientists trek unforgiving terrain to uncover a secret, nuclear powered Soviet-era spy satellite that crashed there decades ago.
I Was There When...

One of 120K Sent to America’s Concentration Camps

Paul Tomita was taken prisoner at age three to an American concentration camp in Idaho.