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Tecmo Super Bowl: The First Game to Truly Capture Football

Tecmo Super Bowl on the NES wasn't the first football game, but it was the first to fully capture what makes the sport so exciting.
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Why Alien: Isolation is a Terrifyingly Believable Survival Horror

Alien: Isolation is a modern horror classic, a game that takes the 1979 film and builds out a believable, terrifying survival fantasy.
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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

A brilliant platformer with no jumping, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a game that both subverts and elevates its genre.
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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Wind Waker is the happiest and most hopeful adventure in the Legend of Zelda series. In this Guide to Games episode, we'll take a look at how Link's adventure on the high seas freshened up the long-running franchise.
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The Corporate Dystopia of 'Prey'

Danielle looks at Prey, Arkane Studios' new immersive sim set in a thrilling, terrifying, corporate dystopia.
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Inside Crazy Taxi's Risk vs. Reward Gameplay

Crazy Taxi is a beloved Sega Arcade classic from the late 90s, and holds up today for its wild risk vs. reward gameplay.
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Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect is an underrated adventure starring a ghost detective, his fedora, and the city of Salem.
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Inside 'Snatcher', Hideo Kojima's Iconic Cyberpunk Game

Before 'Metal Gear Solid,' Hideo Kojima made 'Snatcher', an iconic cyberpunk adventure game.
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The Secret of Monkey Island

Mike extols the virtues of The Secret of Monkey Island, one of the most beloved Adventure games of the early 90s.
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Inside The Crazy Style of 'Bayonetta 2'

Mike recalls the wild stylings of Bayonetta, one of the most exciting action games of the previous generation.
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Sid Meier's 'Alpha Centauri'

In this episode of Guide to Games, we praise Alpha Centauri.
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Jack Black's Unapologetically Metal 'Brutal Legend'

In this episode of Guide to Games, we praise Brutal Legend.