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Babies For Sale

In the black market of the Philippines, women living below the poverty line who cannot afford to raise a child are making the difficult decision to sell their babies.
Zeke Spector Is Not Afraid

The Dangers of Facebook

How did Facebook go from an innocuous social networking site to tearing apart the social fabric of society? VICE producer Zeke Spector goes down the rabbit hole to ask if we should be afraid of Facebook.

A Sex Trafficking Law is Fundamentally Changing the Internet

VICE News investigates social media companies' links to sex trafficking crimes.
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Everything you need to know about the hidden ways Facebook ads target you

It’s not your data that Facebook is selling, it’s your attention.
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Who was the internet's biggest villain in 2017?

Who will win? Place your bets — using your preferred volatile cryptocurrency — and watch.
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“Take a Knee ... My Ass” brought this country singer back into the spotlight

Neal McCoy's new song, "Take a Knee...My Ass," is a direct response to athletes taking a knee at games.
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Facebook has a history of breaking things — now maybe democracy

VICE News investigates how Facebook has a history of breaking things -- now maybe democracy
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Leaked Manuals Show how Facebook Decides if you See Nudity or Death

VICE and The Guardian obtained the guide that Facebook content monitors use to police the website
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Facebook tracks your "ethnic affinity" — unless you’re white

Facebook tracks your ethnic affinity - unless you are white
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Clashes in the West Bank - Intifada 3.0 (Dispatch 1)

VICE News correspondent Aris Roussinos traveled to the West Bank to see if the apparently leaderless youth-led revolt has spiraled into the Third Intifada.