The Fake Priest Accused of Swindling Millions

“Father” Ryan claimed to be a priest. But followers say he was a con man, scamming victims to fund a lifestyle which included extravagant purchases… like a herd of llamas.
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Beating Scammers at Their Own Game

Jim Browning beats call center scammers at their own game. By hacking their computers to watch their every move he can save their unsuspecting victims just in time.
The Big Steal

What Happened to the Billions That Former President Marcos Stole From the Philippines?

In this first episode of Big Steal, we learn how former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos became one of the richest, and most corrupt men, in Southeast Asia.
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The Young and the Scammed Episode 3

What seemed like the career opportunity of a lifetime turned into a dangerous situation.
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Credit Card Scammers: Street Gangs on the Dark Web

VICE met up with a full-time scammer for a look inside the shady, lucrative world of stealing credit card info on the dark web.
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This startup is using blockchain to prevent foodborne illnesses and reduce food waste

OwlTing's blockchain technology could change how we deal with food-borne illness, fraud and food waste.
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Weed fraud: Are you getting cheated?

Pot market plagued by fudged potency and purity
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Martin Shkreli über Medikamentenwucher und seine Rolle als Bösewicht

Wir haben ein exklusives Interview mit dem neuen Aushängeschild der kapitalistischen Gier geführt.
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How To Get Away With Stealing

If the fraud industry were its own country, it would have the fifth strongest economy in the world, just ahead of the UK.