Quick and Easy Spicy Chili Oil Noodles

Join Kathy Chen of Greenpoint’s Wenwen as she takes us through this easy-to-follow recipe.
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Crispy Gluten Free Fried Fish Tacos

Explore the flavors of Baja Mexico with Luis Herrera of Brooklyn’s Ensenada, as he takes us on a journey to make the perfect fish tacos.
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How to Make Thai Lamb Laarb

Laarb, sometimes spelled laab or larb, is a meat salad frequently enjoyed in Southeast Asian countries. It has many takes and ways of being prepared. However, in this iteration, Chef Bogner makes it how his grandmother taught him.
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Late Night Munchies: South Korea Edition

“This place is open 24x7… That means they want you to drink all night” Fresh snails, barbecued garlic octopus and bottles of Soju ready to order even past midnight… Partying in a port city like Busan has its perks.
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Crispy Crunchy Shrimp Fried Toast

Shrimp fried toast is a popular appetizer dish in many Asian cultures, and Nick Bognar, owner and chef at Sado and Indo in St. Louis, has put his own spin on the appetizer.
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LA’s Oldest Japanese Restaurant: Keeping the Legacy Alive

This Japanese restaurant in LA has been in business for 66 years without advertising.
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South Philly’s Members Only Italian Social Club

This members-only restaurant is tucked between residential row homes in south Philadelphia.
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Late Night Munchies: South Central LA

Trap Kitchen takes MUNCHIES on a late-night food tour of their stomping grounds around South Central to show off a lesser-seen side of Los Angeles food culture.
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Classic Jamaican Curry Chicken with Suzane Barr

Chef Suzanne Barr makes curry chicken with her Jamaican spice blend with east Indian flavors.
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Claire Saffitz Makes Us Next Level Blondies

Clairen Saffitz, chef, Youtube personality, and cookbook author, wants you to cheat on your brownies with blondies, a salty-sweet and chewy baked confection that may have its chocolate counterpart beat.
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Eating in Alaska's Hidden One Building Town

Whittier, Alaska, a town that used to only be accessible by boat or plane, has one of the most remote places to buy fish and chips — Varly's Swiftwater cafe.
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Making Classic Chinese Stir Fried Sticky Rice

Chef Melissa King is making Chinese sticky rice, one of the most popular dishes she makes for the holidays (and you probably will too after you watch this video).