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Election Breakdowns - Great Barrier Reef

Everyone is promising lots of money to save the reef, but without action on climate change does it even matter?
We Are New Zealand

Hanging Out With the Wellingtonian Behind Yu Mei Luxury Leather Goods

Jessie Wong wanted to be a designer from a young age, and now the driving force behind Yu Mei says being a Kiwi is an advantage on the international stage.
We Are New Zealand

Running This NZ Tech Start-up Takes Self-Belief and Mum’s Indian Cooking

Angad Nayyar moved to Auckland as a seven-year-old, and immediately the city’s diversity meant he felt at home.
On The Streets

On the Streets: New Zealand Election

VICELAND talked to 70 young people about what it means to be a young person in New Zealand, discussing key issues around housing, immigration, university, drugs, equality, the environment—and the electoral candidates.
We Are New Zealand

Seoul to Whangarei: This Kiwi Korean Feels at Home in Two Cultures

VICE steps inside Yun Jae Lee’s Auckland home to talk about why a sense of belonging is so important.
We Are New Zealand

This Stand-Up Comic Made New Zealand Home By Getting on the Microphone

From practising superhero poses to punching out 80's power ballads on the bus, meet Filipino funnyman Roland Mirabueno.
We Are New Zealand

Meet the Musician Who Broke Lorde’s Record

Step inside Awataha Marae to meet Kings, the New Zealand producer and rapper whose track ‘Don’t Worry ‘Bout It’ spent more time at number one in the New Zealand singles charts than any other track. Ever.
We Are New Zealand

Meet the 21-Year-Old Inking Pacific Culture on New Zealanders

Step inside Small Axe Studio, where tattoo artist Matiah Koloamatangi and her father work side by side.
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Leftists, Angered by Brexit, March in London

Leftists in London marched from Whitechapel to the offices of the Sun to protest Brexit.
VICE News Specials

Leave EU Supporters Launch Latest Ad in Controversial Campaign

VICE News headed to Clacton, where UKIP leader Nigel Farage today unveiled the latest poster for their campaign to leave the EU.
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British Voters Explain Why They're Voting to Stay in the European Union

British voters explain why they're voting to stay in the European Union.
VICE News Specials

Why Would Britain Leave the European Union?

With voting day looming, and opinion polls indicating the nation is still divided, VICE News parses the two key points of the Brexit debate so far.