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How to Make Chai That'll Get You High

Abdullah Saeed, VICE's in-house weed expert, shows you how to make cannabis-infused milk with cardamom, ginger, and cloves—a tasty addition to a cup of chai that's sure to be a relaxing way to end the day.
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Abdullah Saeed's Favorite Weed-Infused Dinners from 'BONG APPÉTIT'

The VICELAND host shares some of his favorite concoctions from the show's first season.
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Make This Shaved Milk Sundae the Next Time You Have the Munchies

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' Chef Deuki Hong joins Abdullah Saeed in the kitchen to make a simple Korean shaved milk sundae.
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Make This Elevated Grilled Cheese the Next Time You Have the Munchies

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' 'BONG APPÉTIT' host Abdullah Saeed and Chef Deuki Hong meet up once again in the MUNCHIES kitchen to make an Asian-inspired grilled cheese.

How to Roll a Tulip Joint

With a few rolling papers, some string, and a business card, Abdullah Saeed explains how to roll a floral-inspired joint popular in Europe on this episode of 'Smokeables.'
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How to Make Korean 'Army Stew' in a Bag

'Bong Appetit' host Abdullah Saeed meets up with chef Deuki Hong to make the perfect snack for the next time you have the munchies.

How to Roll a Plumber's Joint

Abdullah Saeed is back with a new DIY 'Smokeables' video, this time to teach you how to make a joint with incredible airflow.
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Buds and Breakfast

Abdullah and Jamie check in to the Emerald City’s finest cannabis-friendly “bud and breakfast,” The Winston House, for some well-deserved R+R.
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Puff Puff Pizza

Abdullah heads to Portland, Oregon to attend the second Puff Puff Pizza Party hosted by the good people of P.R.E.A.M. Pizza.
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Colorado Ganja Tour

Abdullah travels to Colorado to see what marijuana tourism is like in a small mountain town with Philip Wolf of Cultivating Spirits.