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Make Pupusas Like a Chef at Home

Bryan Ford, TV show host, author, and baker, is making cheesy bean-filled pupusas, a Central American griddle cake that’s served hot with a smoky salsa and crunchy pickled veggies.
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The Chickpea Curry King of New Delhi

Kawal Kishore Saluja and his family run Chache Di Hatti or “uncle's corner shop”, a hole-in-the-wall eatery in New Delhi, India. On the menu is one single dish -- Chole Bhature.
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Isaac Toups' Fried Pork Chop Sandwiches

Carnivorous icon Isaac Toups of Toups Meatery in New Orleans, LA is making his fried bone-in pork chop sandwich with zucchini pickles and espresso aioli.
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Chef's Night Out with Helen Nguyen

Chef Helen Nguyen (Saigon Social) and her crew of girl bosses take us on a fernet-fueled tour through their favorite Manhattan hot spots, ranging from a neighbourhood dive, to a posh SoHo wine bar, to some of the city's finest omakase-style sushi.
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How to Make Yucca Fries and Sudada

Anita Shepherd of Anita’s Yogurt is making two of her favorite preparations of yuca: yuca fries and yuca sudada.
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Mashed Potato Pork Pie - The Cooking Show

It’s not a shepherd’s pie, it’s not a pot pie: it’s a cottage pie! Farideh’s recipe for pork cottage pie will speak to your soul.
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Ragu Bolognese with Natto

Chef Katsuya Fukushima, chef and owner of Tonari in Washington, DC, is making Wafu ragu alla Bolognese, a Japanese style version of the classic Italian pasta dish.
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Bodega Truck

Jeremy Batista is the man behind Bodega Truck, the first bodega food truck in NYC to serve one of the city’s most famous sandwiches: the chopped cheese.
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Master Making Pita Bread with Michael Solomonov

Mike Solomonov, from Zahav in Philadelphia and the cookbook “Israeli Soul,” is in the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen making pita– and you can make it too.
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Hong Kong’s Queen of Macaroni

Join us as we speak to Irene Lee, the owner of one of these dai pai dongs, and learn more about her famous tomato macaroni soup.
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How To Make the Famous BDSM Fried Chicken with Eric Sze

Eric Sze, chef and owner of 886 and Wewen in New York City, is making BDSM chicken - an entire chicken that’s brined, deboned, marinated in soy milk, and then fried.
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The Doggy Noodle King Of Hong Kong

A look into iconic street food during the COVID-19 pandemic