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Make Pasteis de Nata, Portuguese Egg Custard Tarts

Chef George Mendes of Veranda in New York City makes pasteis de nata, a sweet Portuguese egg custard tart that dates back to before the 18th century.
The Cooking Show / web

Chili Mac is the Union of Chili & Mac and Cheese

Farideh is making one of her favorite recipes, which happens to be the perfect camping meal: chili mac, a hybrid of chili and macaroni and cheese.
Tumbleweeds with Killer Mike / S1 EP4

Rollin' Thru Chi

Killer Mike shows us how Chicago is on the cutting edge of cannabis culture.
The Cooking Show / web

Crispy Chorizo and Fried Egg Breakfast Nachos

When Farideh wakes up after a long night of sleeping under the stars, she makes nachos for breakfast.
Tumbleweeds with Killer Mike / S1 EP3

Rollin’ Thru NYC

Killer Mike discovers why NYC’s a rising star in the world of weed.
Chef's Night Out / web

Chef’s Night Out With Michelin Starred Don Angie

Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli, chefs and married team of Don Angie in NYC’s West Village hit the town hard for the first time after recently having their first child.
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Farideh Makes The Persian Street Food Sosis Bandari

Farideh is camping in the desert of Joshua Tree, CA and brought all the fixings to make sosis bandari, a spicy Iranian street food.
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Lamb Shank Osso Buco with Karen Akunowicz

Karen Akunowiscz, chef/owner of Boston’s Fox & the Knife and Bar Volpe, makes her version of osso buco, a classic braised Italian dish.
Tumbleweeds with Killer Mike / S1 EP2

Rollin’ Thru SF

Killer Mike’s visit to the Bay shows why San Francisco is still a weed mecca.
Tumbleweeds with Killer Mike / S1 EP1

Rollin' Thru Vegas

Killer Mike explores how Vegas is making its mark in the world of cannabis.
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Make THC-Infused Sesame Yuba Noodles

Jenny Dorsey, chef and founder of Studio ATAO, is making chewy, savory, and surprisingly easy to prepare yuba noodles that are doused in homemade THC-infused sesame oil.
Tumbleweeds with Killer Mike / Clip

Tumbleweeds with Killer Mike - Trailer

Killer Mike joins local comedians and activists in Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago to discover how some of America’s greatest cities have adapted and flourished with cannabis legalization.