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I Was Hospitalized Before Doctors Took My Disease Seriously

Women with chronic illnesses are often misdiagnosed with anxiety, depression, or hypochondria instead of receiving the treatment they need. This is Devri’s story.
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Millennials Are Getting Hypnotized Over Skype to Deal with Anxiety

Andrea Young is a hypnotherapist who helps millennials deal with anxiety and burnout through “virtual hypnosis.” We tried it and spoke with her about why people are getting hypnotized over Skype.
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Brenna, Walter & Travis

A former military medic seeks relief from PTSD.
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Walter's Ayahuasca Journey

Walter is a repeat participant who is drawn to ayahuasca and shamanic healing.
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How Cannabis Oil Can Treat Anxiety in Dogs

VICE’s Trey Smith talks to a pet owner about their experiences with treating their dog’s anxiety with a CBD tincture.

Are You An Empath?

In an age of unrest, narcissism and social media anxiety, VICE journalist, Hannah Ewens enters the superhuman world of empaths – gifted people who can feel the emotional, mental, or physical state of another person, or animal.
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Why Anxiety Is Actually Good for You

Anita Rao, a psychiatry resident, explains the origins of anxiety.
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Damian Abraham Attempts to Find Happiness in His Life

Fucked Up's Damian Abraham takes stock of his mental and emotional life and where he needs to work and improve.

Chronic Trauma

Can weed help with Urban PTSD? Krishna heads to Compton to find out.
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We Went to a Lab That Measures Stage Fright in Musicians

We Went to a Lab That Measures Stage Fright in Musicians

Stoned Parents

Many parents who use weed fear having their kids removed by Child Protective Services. Krishna travels to Kansas to see what it’s like to be a stoned parent in a prohibition state.
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Grounded: A Short Film About Anxiety and Ambient Music

When you’re feeling anxious, it can be helpful to return to a place where it's possible to experience the world using all the senses. In this short film Noisey's Associate Editor Ryan Bassil explains the grounding and often meditative power that's in