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Fanatics: The Deep End


Alice looks at what draws people to the cult of QAnon.
Fanatics: The Deep End / Clip

Fanatics: The Deep End (Series Trailer)

Alice Hines goes all in on a journey to the outer limits of obsession.
QAnon: The Search for Q

Why does Q exist?

Bayan & Marley examine Q's impact on American electorate as Q theories spread.
QAnon: The Search for Q

Who is Q?

Bayan and Marley are forced into the strange world of a notorious internet troll.
QAnon: The Search for Q

What is Q?

To understand what Q is & its popularity, hosts spend time with QAnon evangelists.
QAnon: The Search for Q / Clip

QAnon: The Search for Q

Take a comprehensive look at the who, what, and why of the vira movement QAnon.
While The Rest Of Us Die

Legacy of Lies

The elite’s Cold War plan for doomsday fueled the rise of conspiracy theories.
I Tried

I Tried to Become One of Alex Jones’s InfoWarriors

VICE’s Will Tilghman spent a week getting all of his “news” from InfoWars and surviving solely on the food and supplements the site peddles to find out what it’s like to be an Alex Jones superfan.
Hate Thy Neighbor / Clip

Sovereign Citizen Conspiracy Theories

Jamali talks to some Sovereign Citizens about Obama, AR-15s, Marriage Licenses, and what's "really" going on with the federal government.

The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking

VICE met up with a few Americans who claim they're victims of "gang stalking"—an organized surveillance plot at the hands of the government, a secret society, or some other vague group.
VICE News Shorts

How the Right made antifa into the boogeyman

Antifa is full or theories on the left and right
VICE News Shorts

11 Times Donald Trump sounded like Alex Jones

11 times Donald Trump sounded a lot like Alex Jones