I Was a Teenage Felon / S2 EP5

Shot Caller

At 19, Peter gets 12 years in prison, where he becomes a shot caller.
I Was a Teenage Felon / S2 EP4

Ecstasy Kingpin

At age 19, English Shaun made millions in stocks and became Arizona’s E Kingpin.
I Was a Teenage Felon / S2 EP3

The Hustler

Larry began his criminal life at 11 and became the biggest jewel thief in the US
I Was a Teenage Felon / S2 EP2

Albuquerque’s Most Hated

Since age 11, if Adam wasn’t committing a crime, he was out looking for a fight.
I Was a Teenage Felon / S2 EP1

Hollywood Queenpin

17-year-old Denise rose from Hollywood party girl to cocaine Queenpin.
I Was a Teenage Felon / Clip

I Was a Teenage Felon (Season 2 Trailer)

Eat. Sleep. Steal. Repeat. I WAS A TEENAGE FELON returns September 20.
Dogs of War

The Rise of Brazil’s Biggest Prison Gang | Dogs of War

Brazil's largest prison gang, the PCC, has massacred police, shut down cities and controls 60% of Brazil’s cocaine market. VICE meets the organisation's leader, Marcola.
Criminal Planet / S1 EP8

Pay Up or Die: The Gang Extorting a Nation

Murder and extreme gang violence has brought El Salvador to its knees.
Criminal Planet / S1 EP7

Butchered for Profit: Inside Organ Trafficking

We meet unscrupulous surgeons and traffickers who butcher people for their organs.
Criminal Planet / S1 EP6

New Zealand's Gang Explosion

New Zealand has a gang problem and the turf wars are getting bloodier.
Criminal Planet / S1 EP5

Toxic Mafias: Making Billions on our Waste

Mafias make billions on our waste. The cost to local communities is detrimental.
Criminal Planet / S1 EP4

The Art World's Biggest Feud

Deep dive into the secretive art world and a gigantic alleged fraud feud.