Red Light

What It’s Like to Be a Cam Girl in the Webcam Capital of the World

VICE trekked to Bucharest, Romania, for a look at the city’s thriving cam girl industry, meeting up with performers and touring one of the world’s top camming studios.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia

A Fungal Fairy Tale

Hamilton learns how Europeans are using the ancient powers of Amanita Muscaria.
VICE Specials

Fire Games of Napoli

VICE follows a group of 10 and 17 years kids in a deprived neighbourhood in Naples, the real-life setting of TV show Gomorra for their annual “war” between kids and so called “babygangs” of different inner city neighbourhoods.
Daily VICE

Catching Up with the European Artists Who Perform for Pets

VICE reconnected with Krõõt Juurak and Alex Bailey, a duo staging performance art shows for pets in museums, galleries, and living rooms across Europe.
VICE Sports

Sweden's Refugee Runners

In REFUGE, we see how the European nation has welcomed refugees in the past and is grappling with how to welcome them in the future through the eyes of Suldan Hassan, a prodigious running talent from Somalia.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Catalans do not agree on the idea of splitting from Spain

VICE News follows Catalonia's fight for independence and the confusion spurred over what a potential breakup would really mean for Spain and Europe.

Europe Clowns Trump

Trump is getting roasted in the European world leader groupchat.
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The majority of migrants entering Italy aren’t refugees

The refugee crisis is escalating in Italy, where the majority of migrants are now coming from West Africa.
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We Met Migrants Risking Their Lives to Cross the Mediterranean

VICE News' Seb Walker reports from the Libyan coast, where hundreds of migrants have died trying to reach Italy.
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Emmanuel Macron, France's Other Outsider Candidate, Is The Last Chance To Stop Marine Le Pen

Macron is a 39-year-old former Rothschild banker who has never held elected office, he's an outsider in the political system, or so he's being pitched.
Daily VICE

Meet the European Artists Performing for Pets

For more than a year, performance artists Krõõt Juurak and Alex Bailey have been wiggling, sniffing, and crawling around living rooms in Europe in an effort to introduce the animal world to performance art.
Hate Thy Neighbor

Football, Fascists and The Frontline

Jamali meets with Azov, a far-right militant group in Ukraine.