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Why insulin is so much cheaper across the border

Mexican drug wars: how to buy cheap insulin
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Roxane Gay Book Club: Why The Nickel Boys Is Nothing Like Green Book

Roxane Gay’s Book Club Thinks The Nickel Boys Should be Next On Your List
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Kirsten Gillibrand Thinks a Bus Tour Will Help Her Floundering Campaign

Kristen Gillibrand’s near the bottom of the 2020 pack. So she did what campaigns do when they need a little love from the political press: She got a bus, hit the road, and tried her best to seem like she was enjoying herself.
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We Spoke To The Man Behind One Of The Most Infamous "Trans Panic" Defense Cases

Six Years Ago, Islan Nettles Was Beaten To Death In Harlem. New York Just Banned The Defense That Reduced Her Killer’s Sentence.
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How the Trump Campaign Hopes to Turn Out Women in 2020

Lara Trump occupies a unique role in the Trump orbit — she’s both a senior campaign advisor and a daughter in law.
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Why So Many 2020 Candidates Took the Stage at Essence Fest

At Essence Fest, 2020 Candidates Make Their Case to Black Women
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Bare Knuckle Boxing Is Trying to Become the Next MMA

The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, or BKFC, is the latest combat sport to get licensed.
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Why You Need to Care About DeRay Mckesson’s First Amendment Case

This ruling could make protest leaders liable for things they didn’t do
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Everything You Need to Know About “Bullshitter” Felix Sater

“Felix Sater is a fantastic storyteller, better than anyone else... he will tell you a fairy tale and you will believe in it.”
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Women Tell Us Why They Had Abortions in Their Second Trimester: "I Will Choose It Every Day"

"There are so many women who have wanted pregnancies — desperately wanted pregnancies, that have to make really hard decisions.”
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The Storming of Hong Kong’s Parliament

But for the city’s pro-democracy movement, the response to Monday’s unprecedented storming of the government headquarters looks a lot messier.
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This Establishment Politician Just Became Prime Minister of Greece

“The key challenge is to restore high growth rates,” Mitsotakis said. “If the economy grows faster, our creditors are going to be happy because the debt is going to be repaid more easily.”