Hot Heads

Home Cooking and Heart Palpitations in India's Gorgeous Pink City

Karina spends her last day in Jaipur with a local family to sample a little home cooking, before making a bad choice regarding some seriously hot chilli paste.
Hot Heads

The Spiciest Street Food in India

Karina joins a Hyderabadi food blogger at his go-to food spot before flying to Jaipur to try some famously spicy street food. Will the heat stack up? Watch to find out.
Going Green With...

Going Green - Benarasi Tart

Mikhail uses government-licensed bhang, butter, and biscuits to make this very simple cheese tart. It's super-potent though, so eat with caution.

How to Talk about Pornography in Conservative India | Sex Rated

We dive into India's contentious relationship with porn. An aspiring gay pornstar, the inventor of the anti-porn addiction app, and an anti-abuse activist/boudoir photographer lay out how India's porn watching habits capture its attitude towards sex.

I Went Sex Toy Shopping in India

In a country where sex toys are largely taboo and closely regulated, we set out to meet the folks who buy and sell them—from a street vendor to a group of everyday, sex-positive women.
VICE Specials

What Happened to the Rajneesh After 'Wild Wild Country'?

We visit an Osho event in Brampton, Ontario where they are embracing the new attention their group has received since the series 'Wild Wild Country' premiered.
VICE Specials

Inside The Growing Men’s Rights Movement in India

VICE met up with the activists and founder of SIFF, a leading men's rights organization taking cues from America's men's rights activists.

Commuting in India (Web Exclusive)

Never complain about your commute ever again.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia

Ketamine: Realms and Realities

Hamilton discovers the surprising new ways Ketamine is used all over the world.
VICE Specials

An Insignificant Man (Feature-Length)

Created by two young, independent filmmakers, 'An Insignificant Man' is India’s most successful and largest crowdfunded documentary ever, with a blockbuster performance at the Indian box office and appearances at more than 30 film festivals worldwide.
VICE Talks Film

The Directors of 'An Insignificant Man' on Capturing Indian Politics

On this episode of 'VICE Talks Film,' we met up with Khushboo Ranka and Vinay Shukla, two young, independent filmmakers who directed a revolutionary documentary about a political outsider's rise to prominence in India.
Cyberwar / Clip

Pakistan and the Geopolitical Chess Game

Pakistan is a vital US ally in one of the world's most strategically important regions. Hamid Mir, journalist and host of "Capital Talk," explains how the Americans have used his country as a base for surveillance since the 1960s.