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In Iran, journalists have a target on their backs. So, how do you expose a government which arrests, tortures and even kills its reporters? Maziar Bahari has found a way.
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Iranians Mourning Soleimani Want Retaliation Against the U.S.

“We cannot allow his blood to just be left on the ground,” said student Honieh Hanifepour.
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A Boeing Jet Crashed in Iran Killing Everyone Onboard and Nobody Knows Why

Tensions between Iran and the U.S. are already complicating the investigation into the crash that killed all 176 people on board.
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This Is How Iran Is Mourning After Trump Killed Top Iranian General

Massive crowds mourned Qassem Soleimani, as Iran vows "severe" revenge against the U.S. and Iraqi parliament votes to kick out American troops.
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Inside the U.S. “den of espionage” Iran turned into a museum

Today, the former embassy serves as a time capsule of what the Iranian government calls "a den of espionage." VICE News was given a tour of the embassy-turned-museum.
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Inside the U.S. “den of espionage” Iran turned into a museum

Inside the "den of espionage" that's now a museum in Iran
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Persian Home Cooking

While traveling throughout Tehran for MUNCHIES Guide to Tehran, Gelareh Kiazand was lucky enough to sit down with the Bahmaie family to experience a home cooked meal in Tehran.
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Starving in Yemen

As the war in Yemen continues, nearly a third of its population is one step away from famine.
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Iranian Women Bike Against Cycling Ban

How Iranian women protested cycling ban
Cyberwar / S1 EP7

Hacking the Infrastructure

As Iran ramps up its offensive cyber operations, American critical infrastructure is increasingly vulnerable to attacks.
Cyberwar / S1 EP6

Stuxnet the Digital Weapon

Stuxnet was a sophisticated cyber attack on an Iranian nuclear plant that may have changed the nature of warfare forever.
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Senator Chuck Schumer

Senator Chuck Schumer sits down for a quick chat with Alex Miller at the VICE offices in Brooklyn.