Black Market / Clip

It's Easy to Buy a Gun in America

In this scene from BLACK MARKET, a first-person perspective of how easy it is to legally purchase a gun.
Black Market / S1 EP1

New Jersey Drive

In Newark NJ, unemployment and lack of hope turns a tradition of joyriding stolen cars into an international criminal operation.
Black Market / Clip

Ronni and Dennis

Mike sits down with Ronni and Dennis at their apartment and talks about how they shoplift to support their drug habit, and discusses his own battles.
Black Market / S1 EP5

Higher Stakes

In New York City, an illegal gambling underworld flourishes, but sometimes the largest losers are the ones running the games.
Black Market / Clip

How to Stack the Deck

Mike meets a former dealer, who used to cheat in underground games. He demonstrates the tricks to the trade, and how to stack the deck.
Black Market / Clip

Mexican Lean

Mike has a tense meeting with a Mexican cartel associate in LA, and learns how Mexicans are making their own version of lean and smuggling it in.
Black Market / Clip

Soulja Boy on Drinking Lean for Inspiration

Recording star Soulja Boy tells us why he relies on lean for inspiration.
Black Market / S1 EP3

Iron Pipeline

Gunrunners move weapons from American states with loose laws to states with stricter ones, in a neverending flow that law enforcement can't seem to stop.
Black Market / Clip

Michael K. Williams on Gun Violence and Gun Control

Mike shares his personal thoughts on losing friends to gun violence, and his astonishment to how easy it is to get a gun--and move it--in America today.
Black Market / Clip

An Atlanta Gun Runner on Why He Deals Weapons

Mike speaks asks a gun runner why he deals in weapons and if he has any remorse for the likely harm that will be caused by them.
Black Market / S1 EP2

Illicit Abalone

For the fishermen of Hout Bay, South Africa the post-Apartheid years have meant less opportunity as they are forced to turn to poaching to survive.
Black Market / Clip

Fishing with Poachers

Mike goes fishing with a group of abalone poachers.