Chaos & Moonshine: The Redneck Rave

In this episode of "Fringes", VICE's Erica Matson puts on her mud boots to attend the Fall Redneck Rave, exploring modern "Redneck Culture" to find out whether it's as innocent, safe, & wholesome as promised.
Local Legends

London’s Joyful Lockdown Ravers

We meet Joy Anonymous, a dance collective that brought happiness to Londoners during the misery of lockdown by throwing parties on the River Thames.
VICE Specials

Trapped in Paradise: The Festival on Lockdown

Dozens of people are trapped in a quarantined festival on a beach in Panama. This is now the last festival on earth. Will it be Lord of the Flies, Fyre Festival, or The Beach? Here’s what happens when a tropical music festival goes on lockdown.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia / S2 EP6

A Clandestine Chemist’s Tale

Hamilton unearths the heros of psychedelics - clandestine MDMA chemists.
King of the Road / S2 EP5

Feel the Splat Baby

Enjoi's heavy metal makeover ends with the grossest KOTR challenge yet.
Daily VICE

How Rave Culture Shaped Mark Leckey's Career

We sit down with the influential British artist to talk about his recent exhibition at MoMA PS1 and how a chance experience at a nightclub inspired his work.

How Tiga Ignited Montreal's Dance Music Movement

We meet DJ entrepreneur Tiga, who shares with us how he revolutionized the Montreal party scene by staying true to himself and rejecting convention.
Global Street Style

Exploring Ukraine's Underground Rave Revolution

We followed young Kiev as they prepared for a night at Cxema, from building the venue to watching the sunrise break.
Big Night Out

Britain's Illegal Rave Renaissance

In LOCKED OFF we explore the current state of illegal raves in the UK, where young people are breaking into buildings to hold parties until the early hours.
Daily VICE

Nicaragua's Dirty Rum

We also examine labor practices in Nicaraguan rum production and head to a highly exclusive golf tournament.