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A champion of Newport’s vibrant commercial culture of independent and mom-and-pop businesses, we'll see how REALTOR® Molly Kirby played a pivotal role as Luther turned his gift for baking into the cafe Lucy Kitchen's.
Word of Mouth / web

The Hot Garlic Chili Crisp You’ve Never Tried

Mama Teav’s Hot Garlic is the most exciting chili crisp that you’ve never tried.
Family Food

The Last Butcher Shop in Little Italy

Jennifer Prezioso is the butcher at Albanese Meats & Poultry, one of the last butcher shops of its kind in New York City and an iconic storefront in the dwindling neighborhood of Little Italy.
The New Normal

How To Start An Ice Cream Business In A Pandemic

Sydney Arkin was laid off from her job at the height of the pandemic. She took it as an opportunity to start her own ice cream business.
While The Rest Of Us Die / S2 EP6

Pandemic Profiteers

Billionaires launch a space race while millions suffer and die from the pandemic.
PayPal / web

Small Business Soul - In Partnership with PayPal Zettle

Running a small business takes a lot of heart, grit, and creativity.

NAR: Where the Heart is | The Best Time For Business

The pandemic involuntarily closed hundreds of thousands of small businesses. For RJ and Ian Wilson, it was a good time to start a new one.
Geico Setting Up Shop

How to Hear “No” From Investors and Not Feel Discouraged

Jesse Boyes and Seth Harris received 50 rejections from investors before landing on a yes. Now, the two have started, a video calling app that allows the two to feel like they’re in the same room together even when they aren’t.
Geico Setting Up Shop

Do You Believe in Your Business Enough to Pawn Your Grandfather’s Watch?

Anthony Lawson pawned his grandfather’s watch for money to start his candle business, Minetta Wax Co. He earned that back. He’s now got a business that has surpassed his expectations. See how he did it on this episode of “Setting Up Shop"
Geico Setting Up Shop

How to Know When It's Time to Open Your Own Business

Kat Russo was tired of working in salons. When the pandemic hit she struck out on her own and opened her own (happy) place. Hear how she did it on this episode of “Setting Up Shop,” Created with Geico.
NAR S3 / web

The Way Home: Episode Three

Alex Brazelton makes it her life's work to help African American communities generate generational wealth through homeownership in Huntsville, Alabama.
Family Food

Lagman House Is NYC’s Only Dungan Restaurant

Meet the family behind Lagman House, the only restaurant in America serving Dungan cuisine.