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Make This Shaved Milk Sundae the Next Time You Have the Munchies

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' Chef Deuki Hong joins Abdullah Saeed in the kitchen to make a simple Korean shaved milk sundae.
Daily VICE

Make This Elevated Grilled Cheese the Next Time You Have the Munchies

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' 'BONG APPÉTIT' host Abdullah Saeed and Chef Deuki Hong meet up once again in the MUNCHIES kitchen to make an Asian-inspired grilled cheese.
Daily VICE

How to Make Korean 'Army Stew' in a Bag

'Bong Appetit' host Abdullah Saeed meets up with chef Deuki Hong to make the perfect snack for the next time you have the munchies.

How to Roll a Plumber's Joint

Abdullah Saeed is back with a new DIY 'Smokeables' video, this time to teach you how to make a joint with incredible airflow.
Weediquette / S1 EP3

The War on Weed

Krishna investigates how Bernard Noble's two joints led to 13 years in prison.
Weediquette / S1 EP1

Stoned Kids

The next big thing in medical marijuana might be cancer therapy. But with little hard evidence, families whose kids have cancer are taking matters into their own hands.
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Inside America's Billion-Dollar Weed Business

VICE News meets investors cashing in on the green rush and finds out how fractured marijuana laws are causing the American market to miss out.

High Country: The Future of Weed

Motherboard heads to Denver, ground zero for cannabis legalization, and home to a booming tech sector in what could be called the Silicon Valley of weed