Land of the Giants: Titans of Tech / S1 EP5

Amazon: Everything Under The Sun

Amazon has reshaped the American economy. But at what cost?
Land of the Giants: Titans of Tech / S1 EP4

Google: Don't Be Evil

What does Google know about us, and what is it doing with that information?
Land of the Giants: Titans of Tech / S1 EP3

Apple: Think Different

Apple's products have rewired our brains and remade society.
Land of the Giants: Titans of Tech / S1 EP2

The Netflix Effect

As new streaming rivals emerge, can Netflix maintain its place at the top?
Land of the Giants: Titans of Tech / S1 EP1

Facebook: Move Fast and Break Things

Did Mark Zuckerberg create a platform for disinformation and divisiveness?
Land of the Giants: Titans of Tech / Clip

Land of the Giants: Titans Of Tech - Trailer

Follows the complicated history of the rise of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google, from their humble beginnings to their present-day as global powerhouses.
A Frank Experience

20,000 Meals a Day At Google - A Frank Experience

Frank Pinello visits Google's headquarters in NYC to see how one of the world’s top tech companies feeds its employees.

Decomposing Bodies to Solve Cold Case Murders

VICE visits the University of South Florida’s Facility for Outdoor Research and Training (FORT) to learn about how studying decomposing bodies in Florida’s subtropical environment helps solve some of the nation’s cold cases.
Let Lee Explain

The Origins of Deepfakes, Explained

VICE Guide To Right Now's Lee explains the origins of deep fakes, what they have to do with porn, and how they could drastically change our understanding of the truth.

Addicted to Bitcoin: The Cryptocurrency Rehab Center

Motherboard goes to Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland, a rehabilitation facility that recently added treatment for cryptocurrency addiction to its gambling rehabilitation program.
State of Repair

The Half Tesla, Half Honda, 100% Electric Hot Rod

Taking old cars and making them better is a part of American culture: the hot rod. In this episode, Jim Belosic takes a 1981 Honda Accord and makes it electric... and very fast.
Motherboard Shorties

Swimming with a Prosthetic Leg: The Fin

We meet Kevin Vaughan, a 28 year old vet and amputee at home and as he tries his new amphibious water prosthetic, "the fin." We also visit the fin's creator, Todd Goldstein, in his 3D printing lab.