Dear Future

The Two-Legged Robots Walking Into the Future

Motherboard met with Agility Robotics, a small startup in Oregon that is one of many trying to crack the code of creating the perfect bipedal robot.
Dear Future

Meet the People Building Their Own Internet in Detroit

When it comes to the internet, our connections are generally controlled by telecom companies. But a small group of people in Detroit is trying to change that.
Dear Future

The Fixers Using Recycled Laptop Batteries to Power Their Homes

DIY Powerwalls – rechargeable lithium-ion battery installations, made from recycled batteries – are the future of power, whether you know it or not.
VICE News Shorts

What the fork is happening with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin split into two currencies on August 1: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.
Speed Daemons

High Speed Off-Roading in the Mojave Desert

In this episode of Speed Daemons, we explore the dusty culture and hi/lo-tech behind desert off-road racing by cruising the Mojave with BJ Baldwin, the trophy trucking champion and Willie Kalajian, the dune buggy spirit animal.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

This bricklaying robot can build walls faster than humans

Are robots going to steal our jobs? Meet SAM, a brick-laying bot that's boosting productivity and reducing costs, and judge for yourself.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

This Artist Shows Us How Computers See The World

VICE News visits Trevor Paglen, an artist who is exploring how AI sees the world.

Leaving Earth the Greenest Way Possible: Water Cremation

Motherboard meets Terry Regnier who paving the way for Alkaline hydrolysis, a greener alternative to traditional cremation practices.
Speed Daemons

Inside the Underground Culture of Los Angeles Street Racing

In this episode of Speed Daemons, host Derek Mead immerses himself in the underground culture of Los Angeles street racing.
Future Shock

The 80s Cult Classic Envisioning the Final Hour Before Nuclear Apocalypse

In this episode of Future Shock, Motherboard speaks to Steve De Jarnatt, writer and director of Miracle Mile, a "missiles in the air" doomsday sci-fi thriller from 1988 set in Los Angeles, as the country preps for nuclear annihilation.
Weed Tech

How 'Eaze' Became the Uber for Medical Marijuana

With an eye for big data and a simple algorithm, Jim Patterson, the CEO of Eaze, figured out how to deliver medical weed to patients' doors in less than 30 minutes.

Tracking Bacteria on the Space Station Could Help Us Survive Beyond Earth

Dr. Chris Mason is using genetics to understand how humans will prepare for -and defend themselves against— life in space.