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Tamara Holder on Sexual Assault in Television

Tamara Holder was a regular commentator on Fox News before being assaulted by a company executive. Now, she’s picked up her law practice again and continues to fight for other women who have experienced harassment and assault.
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Kiah Morris on Fighting Racial Harassment

Kiah Morris was the only black woman in Vermont's state legislature. But after an escalating campaign of racial harassment against her, Kiah was forced to resign—not only for the safety of herself, but also for her family.
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Alexandra Waterbury on Sexual Exploitation in Ballet

Alexandra Waterbury sued New York City Ballet after discovering some of its male dancers had been exchanging explicit texts.
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Bailey Davis on Sexism in the NFL

After posting a photo on her private Instagram, cheerleader Bailey Davis was fired from the New Orleans Saints "due to failure to comply with Saintsations rules and regulations."
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Tess Holliday on Challenging Body-Shamers

Since the beginning of her career as a plus-size model, Tess Holliday has had to fend off degrading comments about her weight, health, and validity as a woman.
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Mischa Barton on Being a Victim of Revenge Porn

Mischa Barton was the victim of blackmail after a former lover threatened to release a sex tape after their split.
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Brett Rossi on Overcoming Domestic Abuse with Charlie Sheen

After a very public engagement with Charlie Sheen, Brett Rossi's career as a porn star was used to discredit her allegations of domestic abuse.
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Daisy Coleman on Dealing with Sexual Assault

Daisy Coleman's brutal assault at age 14 brought attention to an epidemic of sexual abuse and rape culture in rural areas.
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Anita Sarkeesian on Sexism in Gaming

Amanda Knox meets Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist video blogger who has experienced relentless online harassment, doxxing, and death threats because of her YouTube videos.
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Amber Rose on Fighting Against Slut-Shaming

Amber Rose has been able to hold her head high, despite all of the malicious scrutiny by mainstream media.
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Amanda Knox Opens Up about Harassment

Amanda Knox shares her story of being vilified and shamed by the media, which began when she was arrested for murder 10 years ago.