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King of the Road: DEATHWISH

Deathwish is one of three teams on the skate trip of a lifetime, shedding blood and dignity in hopes of being crowned the Kings of the Road. Check the squads and place your bets! New episodes begin June 8th on VICELAND.
King of the Road / Clip

90s Challenge

Legends Mike Carroll and Chico Brenes teach the Real Skateboards team to skate 90s style, baggy pants and all.
King of the Road / S3 EP10

The Finale

After a crazy finish line, the teams meet up six months later to see who won!
King of the Road / Clip

The Phoenix Rising: Bust Or Bail Challenge

All the teams have one last chance to rack up some bonus points before a winning team is revealed.
King of the Road / S3 EP9

Phoenix Rising

The teams get a taste of fatherhood and are nearly broken by last minute bounties.
King of the Road / Clip

A KING OF THE ROAD Double Wedding

Two loving couples say "I do" in one of the most romantic episodes of KING OF THE ROAD yet.
King of the Road / S3 EP8

Dusted in the Desert

Real has a karaoke brunch while Element and Foundation head out to the desert.
King of the Road / Clip

The Real Team's "Nora Challenge"

On KING OF THE ROAD, Team Real meets up with pro skater Nora Vasconcellos for a karaoke brunch and an overall "Nora-themed" day.
King of the Road / Clip

King Of The Road "Kidnapping" with Bam Margera

Team Element and Bam Margera makes a local kid's dream come true by taking him on the road.
King of the Road / S3 EP7

Bruised Ribs & Broken Teeth

Heavy handrails for Element and Real while Foundation takes a break to party.
King of the Road / S3 EP6

Hill Bomb in Diapers

The teams try normal sports. Bam Margera helps Element. Nick and Jaws get injured.
King of the Road / Clip

Pro Skateboarders Become Jocks For The Day

The teams jock out, trying their hand at normal sports.