Decade of Hate

The Dangerous Rise of Israeli Ultra-Nationalists

Israel has seen a decades-long movement of extremist thugs and militant settlers, resulting in an extremist government – threatening the country’s democracy itself.
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The Ethical Hackers at War With Putin

Hacktivist group Cyber Partisans normally targets Belarus’ repressive government, led by Europe’s last dictator. But now the resistance group has its sights set on Putin.
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New Era of Canadian Sex Work

Canada's Sex Laws come under fire
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Australia's Wildfires Are Carrying Smoke Around the Globe

Smoke from Australia's wildfires is now over South America.
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La Marcha más grande de la Historia de Chile

El 25 de Octubre del 2019, un millón doscientas mil personas se reunieron para protestar en la Plaza Italia, el corazón de Santiago, en lo que llamaron "La Marcha más grande de Chile."
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Black Panther’s Wakanda Is Real — And It’s In Chicago

VICE News went to Chicago to see what it looks like to recreate Wakanda.
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Caravana Migrante

After a brief diplomatic dispute between the U.S and Mexican government the Migrant Caravan that headed to Mexico's northern border and sparked the confrontation has mostly dissolved. We met with hundreds of migrants who are are stalled in Mexico City.
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Marichuy: La primera candidata indígena

En este primer episodio de La Guía VICE para las Elecciones, una mujer nahua es el rostro del primer movimiento indígena que quiere competir en las elecciones presidenciales de México en 2018 como candidata independiente

Are You An Empath?

In an age of unrest, narcissism and social media anxiety, VICE journalist, Hannah Ewens enters the superhuman world of empaths – gifted people who can feel the emotional, mental, or physical state of another person, or animal.

Reporte Especial VICE: Una Casa dividida

With exclusive access to the President, his inner circle and key opponents, VICE founder Shane Smith examines the rise of the Tea Party, the faltering of key deals, and how growing extremism has left America more divided than ever.
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Sinking Island’s Mayor gets Nasty Calls After Speaking With Trump

Climate change is flooding Tangier island, but residents voted for Trump anyway.
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We went hunting for a tick that could kill you

Powassan virus is deadly and our lack of knowledge regarding it can be scary.