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Eating Caterpillars for Protein with a Pro Football Player

Jabar Westerman of the Montreal Alouettes used to be a vegan, but he found it difficult to get all of the protein that he needed in one meal. So instead of turning to traditional meat or chicken, he began eating caterpillars.
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Ce footballeur pro a laissé tomber la viande pour les insectes

Jabar Westerman, ailier défensif de 280 livres, cuisine pour son coéquipier. Au menu: spaghettis aux boulettes de chenilles.


Meet Mélanie-Rose Frappier, 21-year-old Indigenous activist
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La légende du skate Danny Way sur la nécessité de se réinventer

Le skater Danny Way construit ses propres rampes, parce que personne ne sait vraiment de quoi il est capable.
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Carmelo Anthony in Cuba

Carmelo Anthony travels to Cuba to explore the rise of soccer in a nation synonymous with baseball and grab some fresh rolled Cuban cigars along the way.
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Joe Carter raconte la fois où il a frappé le célèbre coup de circuit de l'histoire des Blue Jays

La légende des Blue Jays de Toronto se remémore son coup de circuit gagnant lors de la Série mondiale de 1993.

Bain de sang

VICE suit un lutteur extrême au Tournament of Death de CZW, l’un des tournois de lutte les plus violents au monde.

Ronda Rousey: From Olympic Bronze to UFC Gold

Before Ronda Rousey defends her UFC title this weekend she sat down in our L.A. offices to talk about fame, fighting, and the "bubble-wrapped" "pageant" that is the Olympics.
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Allyson Felix and Lewis Hamilton Talk Speed

Allyson Felix and Lewis Hamilton are considered speed demons in their respective sports; Allyson in Track & Field, and Lewis in Formula 1.
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Actor, Comedian, Rapper, Nick Cannon

Nick talks spotting talent, playdates with Beyoncé, and reviving Radio Shack.
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Trump Names Rick Perry Secretary of Some Department

Rick Perry is named Energy Secretary even though he couldn't remember the department exists. Naturally.
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Kanye Visits Trump as the Trash Fire Known as 2016 Continues

Kanye visits Trump to discuss whatever wildly out of touch rich people talk about. What if he performs at the inauguration?
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ESPN’s Pablo Torre

Pablo Torre talks thesis writing, mice and roaches, pro athletes going broke, and James Harden.
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UFC Fighter Challenges People to Crush Apples for Some Reason

A UFC Fighter with a local news anchor name Sage Northcutt challenges people to rip into apples with their bare hands. Mero obliges.
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Jeff Sessions Continues War on The Kid Mero

Jeff Sessions continues to trample all over everything Mero stands for.
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Matt Lauer Presses Trump on His Twitter Fingers

Matt Lauer asks Trump about Twitter fingers, Trump responds by flexing about his follower count.
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This Day In History 12/6 - The 13th Amendment

On December 6th, 1865, the 13th Amendment of the Constitution was ratified, abolishing slavery in the United States.
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Black Santa Elicits White Tears

Megyn Kelly is dreaming of a white Santa.
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MMA Helped Mo Wilkerson Become the Highest Paid DE in the NFL

Mo Wilkerson is still looking for ways to cause headaches for NFL offenses. As if being a pro bowler wasn't enough, Mo has now taken up MMA to be even quicker.
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Chris Hayes Details Immortal Technique/Lin-Manuel Miranda Story

Guest Chris Hayes confirms Immortal Technique had Lin-Manuel Miranda singing in trash cans.
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Shoutouts - Monday Nov. 28

Tonight's shoutouts are dedicated to dogs and the people that love them maybe a little too much.
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Gucci is Ready to be a Married Mane

Gucci Mane continues living his best life by proposing to make an honest womane out of his girlfriend Keyshia Ka’oir on the Kiss Cam.
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A Fiery Attack on Gender Norms

We meet with personal trainer-turned-performance artist Cassils, who uses the body as a form of social sculpture, examining strength, violence, power, and vulnerability by testing the limits of endurance and empathy.
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Ginuwine’s Pony Comes Out The Stable

Elgin Lumpkin, better known as Ginuwine, has private photo leaked, Desus and Mero discuss the intricacies of dick pics.
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