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Cum e să gătești pentru 1 500 de soldați de pe o navă

Ne-am urcat la bordul USS Arlington ca să vedem cum își fac treaba specialiștii din bucătăria Marinei Militare și Navale.
Chef's Night Out

Chef's Night Out: Hija de Sanchez

In this episode of Chef's Night Out, Rosio cooks up a taco feast for her friends before they head out on the town in Copenhagen.
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April Bloomfield

Bloomfield, equal parts badass and secret softie, takes us to her favorite haunts and lays down her philosophy on cooking and life.
Chef's Night Out

Cal Elliott

Rye, a restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn sits on a hidden block tucked between a shitty bar and an old beauty salon. The restaurantäó»s decor could be described as äóìprohibition chicäó with cocktails to match, and food that one could call äóìfucking
Chef's Night Out

Jello Shots, Kimchi, and Bloody Mary's with Christina Tosi

This is the sweetest episode of Munchies we've ever done. Breakfast at Dairy Queen? Jello shots and kimchi bloody mary's for the car ride? Yeah, it has all that.
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Am mers la cules de viermi și gândaci numai buni de mâncat

Există niște beneficii clare aduse de industria asta consumatoare de insecte din China.
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Am mâncat insecte în orașul în care gândacii sunt o delicatesă

Am mers în capitala industriei consumatoare de insecte din China ca să vizităm piața de gândaci și să mâncăm la un bucătar local specializat în feluri de mâncare cu insecte.
The Other Side

Arta tatuajelor japoneze

Paitangi Ostick e una dintre primele femei care practică ​tā moko​ - arta tatuajelor Māori​.
Chef's Night Out

Smoked Meats, Late Night Chinese and Lap Dancing: Chef's Night Out with Mitch Orr

We follow Sydney’s Prince of Pasta Mitch Orr and his fellow Sydney celebrity chefs on a debaucherous journey of the city’s institutional venues and most hyped eateries.
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Yunnan Coffee

MUNCHIES travels to Pu’er to explore a new coffee scene developing, right where the beans are grown.
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Make and Read Turkish Coffee

Sema Bal, a Turkish Coffee Messenger, brings her talents to the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen.
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MUNCHIES präsentiert: Ein Abend im InGalera

Im InGalera in Mailand schmeißen Häftlinge Küche und Service des Restaurants. Wir wollten erfahren, was das Programm den Insassen bedeutet.