Indonesia Riot

Burying the Dead in a City Running Out of Space: The Gravediggers of Bandung

VICE heads to Bandung to meet Atung and his crew of gravediggers to learn what men who deal with death every day can tell us about life.
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I Digitally Recreate Corpses to Solve Cold Case Murders

Carl Koppelman is a renowned web sleuth -someone with no training who tries to solve cases online. We dive into the web sleuth community by spending time with Carl and hearing about his "pet case" a case that he has been chasing for years.

Pakistan's Forgotten Dead

Each year about 3000 unidentified corpses are found on the streets of Karachi. Meet the mortuary workers who track them and try to reunite the bodies with their families
One Day We're All Going To Die

Memento Mori

Sam Te Kani meets renowned photographic artist Fiona Pardington to discuss death as a central theme in art and learns how to make a memento mori.
One Day We're All Going To Die

Natural Burials

Sam Te Kani spends the morning at a natural funeral home learning about what it means to have a natural funeral before heading out to Aucklands largest cemetery to learn about natural burials.
One Day We're All Going To Die

The Coffin Club

Sam Te Kani heads out to the rural town of Katikati in New Zealands north island where he meets a welcoming group of older people who make and hand decorate their own coffins.
Indonesia Riot

Speed Jockeys: Teen Dragsters Risking It All For Fame And Fortune

Indonesia's underground drag racing scene is huge, with bets of thousands of dollars on high-stakes street races. VICE follows a young racer as he climbs the podium and risks his life for fame and fortune.
Indonesia Riot

Royal Blood: Inside Indonesia’s Lavish, Bloody Funeral Ceremonies

VICE Indonesia visits the highlands of South Sulawesi to see how new money is changing the face of the Torajan people's ancient, and bloody, funeral traditions.
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On Patrol with South Korea's Suicide Rescue Team

VICE follows a suicide rescue team on the Han River in Seoul, South Korea to understand what the country is doing to end its suicide epidemic.

Forever Young: Church of Perpetual Life

Motherboard explores a church in Florida that believes immortality is imminent, through the progression of science and technology they believe they can live forever.
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Pestens återkomst

Pest har brutit ut på Madagaskar.