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The Boxer Overcoming Misconceptions About Her Religion

We meet Lareb Hussain, one of the many Muslim women challenging stereotypes about their religion's role in boxing.
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How to Hit a Speed Bag and a Heavy Bag

Professional boxer Alicia Napoleon shows you the proper way to punch a speed bag and a heavy bag.
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How to Throw a Four-Punch Combo

Professional boxer Alicia Napoleon shows you how to enter the ring and throw a powerful four-punch combo.
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How to Wrap Your Hands for a Fight

Professional boxer Alicia Napoleon shows you how to properly wrap your hands for a fight.

From Death in the Ring to a Heavyweight Title Bout: Sergey Kovalev

It's no wonder Sergey Kovalev's nickname is "Krusher". Of his 30 victories, 26 have ended in knockouts. The Russian's journey to success hasn't been all highs, however.
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Why Pitbull Bans Don't Work

Montreal passed a controversial pitbull ban earlier this week after a woman was mauled to death by a dog in June. Amil Niazi tells us why shitty owners are the real problem and bans don't work.
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Hot Dog Champ Kobayashi Learns How to Box

Competitive eater Kobayashi steps in to boxing coach, Eric Kelly's world and (attempts to) learn how to box.

Undefeated: Terrance "Tanks" Dumas

Aspiring pro boxer Terrance Dumas was a drug dealer, an addict, and a gang leader until he lost everything he had in Hurricane Katrina. We caught up with “Tank” as he hopes to improve his life inside and outside of the ring.