مال أول

Recreating the World's Oldest Chicken and Date Recipe

VICE Arabia got their hands on a copy of Kitab Al-Tabikh, the most ancient cookbook in the Arab world, so we decided to test out a few recipes.
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Foraging in Sweden for Cocktail Ingredients

In this bonus scene from Munchies Guide To, host Ivar Berglin goes foraging for spruce tree tips to include in a cocktail from award-winning Swedish bartender, Emil Areng.

How To Make Shrimp and Grits with Meyhem Lauren

Meyhem is never finished with shrimp, and the people know it, so one person sought him out and made this shrimp and grits recipe for him in Florida.
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The Iconic Dollar Pizza Slice of NYC

Eli and Oren Halali, the two brothers who founded 2 Bros Pizza, sell slices for a buck.
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Zero-Waste Stores Are Helping Us Ditch Plastic

Unboxed Market is a new zero-waste grocery store in Toronto and the latest addition to the global zero-waste movement. We went to the store to see how it’s helping people cut down on excessive plastic packaging.
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Why Grey Squirrel Is on This Restaurant's Menu

We speak to the founders of Native restaurant in London, England about why they decided to put grey squirrel on their menu and how it's part of the ethics of their Borough Market kitchen.
Chef's Night Out

Eating and Drinking in Switzerland with Cervo

Cervo's chef Markus Kössler and friends have a night out in Zermatt, filled with chickpea fritters, ox tongue, off-roading, and snowball fights.
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The King of Falafel

King of Falafel & Shawarma has been serving mouthwatering Middle Eastern cuisine on the streets of Astoria for the last 17 years.
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Turning Pig Guts into a Traditional Welsh Dish

In this bonus scene from Munchies Guide To, the crew heads to a centuries-old pig farm in Wales to see how they use a pig's organs to make a hearty Welsh dish. Munchies Guide available on Crave and airs Fridays at 11P ET/PT on Gusto.
Chef's Night Out

Bowling, Taiwanese Food, and Wagyu Cheeseburgers - Chef's Night Out with Win Son

Trigg Brown and Josh Ku of Win Son in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, make some of the most exciting Taiwanese-American food around.

How to Make Calzone with Frank Pinello from the Pizza Show

The Pizza Show's Frank Pinello stops by the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen to make calzones.
Going Green With...

Going Green: Cannabis Mashed Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs

Mikhail Goes Green with scrambled eggs and bhaang-ed up mashed potatoes.
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Foraging Wild Mushrooms for Dinner on Oregon's Coast

In this bonus scene from Munchies Guide To, host Gaby Chai heads to the coast of Oregon to forage for wild yellow foot mushrooms that she and a local chef turn into a delicious dish for dinner.
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Making Newfoundland Jiggs Dinner in the Big City

A new store in Toronto carries all things Newfoundland, from salt beef to pineapple-flavoured Crush. We went to check it out with Newfoundland chef Jake Taylor and to get ingredients to make a traditional Jiggs dinner.

How To Make Pesto with Massimo Bottura, Chef of the #1 Restaurant in the World

Massimo Bottura, the Italian restaurateur and chef-owner of three-Michelin-starred Osteria Francescana, knows a thing or two about homemade pesto.
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Make Fish-Infused Ice Cream

We met Simone De Feo, from Cremeria Capolinea in Reggio Emilia, who showed us how to make truly excellent gelato with anchovies, cod, and salmon.
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What Is Ambrosia Salad and Can Matty Matheson Give It Away?

This season on It's Suppertime!, Matty Matheson revisits the retro dinner table. In this bonus scene, Matty tries to give away the notorious ambrosia salad at the mall. It's Suppertime! is available on Crave and airs Fridays at 9P ET/PT on Gusto.
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What It's Like Working in a Chaotic Dish Pit

Food writer Nick Rose has made a living writing about the best restaurants in Canada, but he's never actually worked in one. We spent the night with him as he got his hands dirty in the chaotic dish pit of Montreal's Le Mousso.
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How to Properly Sauce Your Pasta According to a Pro

This season on It's Suppertime!, Matty Matheson makes delicious bolognese. In this bonus scene, he visits pasta purist Leo Baldassarre at his restaurant to learn about how to properly sauce your pasta.
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Matty Makes Irresistible Matcha Ice Cream

This season on It's Suppertime!, Matty Matheson explores Japanese cuisine. In this bonus scene, Matty makes matcha ice cream.

How to Make Turducken Dim Sims with Raph Rashid

Melbourne Food Truck king Raph Rashid talks us through his twist on the Australian classic, dim sims. Using three meats; turkey, chicken and duck, he whips up 'turducken dimmies'.
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This Football Player Is on a High-Caterpillar Diet

Pro football player Jabar Westerman eats caterpillars every day. The otherwise vegan athlete says the insects are one of his biggest sources of protein. We went to Jabar's place as he made spaghetti and caterpillar balls for a skeptical teammate.
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Decadent Steak Tartare to Get You Laid

This season on It's Suppertime! Matty Matheson makes the ultimate 'get you laid' meal. In this bonus scene, Matty shows us how to make a decadent steak tartare. Watch It's Suppertime! anytime on CraveTV and Fridays at 9PM ET/PT on Gusto.
Todos Los Tacos

25 Cent Suadero Tacos in Mexico City

This is the ultimate street taco tour of Mexico City.