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The Lingerie Brand Doing What Victoria’s Secret Won’t

Playful Promises is known for pioneering the fashion space with their size and gender inclusivity.
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Scouring the Vintage Racks with Artist Alok

Alok is a poet, performance artists and fashion designer whose work confronts gender binary. They also have a sensational sense of style. We met up with them to try on some new outfits and talk about why clothing is political for them.
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Is Asian Rap Cultural Appropriation?

Model Salem Mitchell sits down with local LA rapper, Hollei Day to discuss Asians in Hip Hop, and the female rappers views on cultural appropriation.
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Humanizing Iconic Brands Through Art

Briony Douglas collected hundreds of items to create collage sculptures for her exhibition, Homage. Assembled to represent iconic brands, the pieces tell the story of the people behind brands we idolize. We went to her studio to see her work.
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The Factory Flawed Air Jordan Worth $143,000

An error that would seem trivial to most has become a phenomenon in the sneaker world. The defect? An upside down Nike swoosh on the left sneaker.
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Turning Vibrant African Patterns into Modern Designs

Tehilah Abakasanga is the fashion designer behind ÖFUURË. Her modern designs are made with fabrics from her home country Nigeria and have earned her fans like Issa Rae, Kelly Rowland and Gabourey Sidibe.
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This Fashion Designer Dreams of a Genderless World

Spencer Badu is a Toronto-based fashion designer that wants people to have the freedom to wear what they want without having to worry about gender norms. We met up with him at a photo shoot for his latest unisex collection.
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How I Became...The Antman

We trek through the Danish countryside and forage for Thomas Laursen’s prized ingredient; the orange carpenter ant.
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Noisey Merch Available Now!

Noisey merch out now!! Visit to purchase yours now.
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Hari Nef's Social Media Survival Guide

From dealing with trolls to editing selfies, actress and model Hari Nef shares her tips for navigating social media.
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This Bra Uses Aerospace Technology

A Toronto fashion designer has teamed up with two engineers to make a bra they claim can accommodate breast changes up to two sizes. We met with them as they ramped up for their first production run.
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Can Fashion Drive Gender Equality in the Workplace?

With her new line, fashion designer Olivia Rubens is taking on issues like pay equity and office harassment. We visit her studio to hear about her struggles as a young woman in fashion and how the industry still needs to change.