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What Happens When You Get Pulled Over After Smoking Weed

Manisha Krishnan finds out what it’s like to smoke weed and get pulled over by the cops in a post-legalization Canada.
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Inside a Weed-Infused Drink Factory

In this bonus scene from Munchies Guide To, host Tarik Abdullah dives into Washington state's edible cannabis scene. Munchies Guide available on Crave and airs Fridays at 11P ET/PT on Gusto.
Going Green With...

Going Green: Cannabis Mashed Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs

Mikhail Goes Green with scrambled eggs and bhaang-ed up mashed potatoes.
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What It Costs to Be a High-End Weed Connoisseur

Producer Lunice gives us a tour of his collection of weed and weed accessories, including a high-end vaporizer and a cigar-like cannagar.
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Stoned Fighting: Jiu-Jitsu Meets Cannabis

VICE attends a cannabis infused jiu-jitsu tournament, where some of the sports top athletes get high with their opponent before competing - and where the winner's grand prize is a pound of weed.
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Welcome to Poole's Land, an Anarchist Commune in the Canadian Rainforest

VICE’s Manisha Krishnan traveled to Poole's Land, a remote oceanside community where young people live in anarchy, to figure out why they decided to move there and try out the lifestyle for herself.
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How to Buy and Consume Legal Weed in the Prairies

A guide to the rules around buying and consuming legal weed in the Prairies.
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How Much Legal Weed Could Cost in Canada

Price is one of the main factors that goes into where people decide to buy their weed. With legalization fast approaching, we find out how much legal pot could cost across Canada.


2 Chainz sees the future of cannabis in today's Weedonomics lesson.
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Dimebags vs. Dispensaries: Street Dealers to Multi-Million Dollar Weed Startups

VICE met up with the owners of Gas House in Oakland to hear how they turned a black market weed business into one of the country's leading black-owned legitimate cannabis companies.
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Getting High in LA the West Coast Way

VICE’s Darlene Demorizi trekked to Los Angeles to sample some legal weed, do a little stoned yoga, and take a Puff Pass & Paint class complete with CBD-infused wine.
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How to Get High AF in Alaska

VICE’s Trey Smith trekked up to Alaska to stay at a pot-friendly bed and breakfast and check out the state's rural natural splendor.
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DIY Lip Balm That Gets You High

Keep your lips moisturized and get stoned at the same time. On this episode of Cannabis Self Care, Erica teaches you how to make a lip balm that gets you high.
Cannabis Self Care

How to Make a Chronic and Tonic Cannabis Cocktail with Tinctures

Weed can be incorporated into just about anything- even your cocktails. On this episode of Cannabis Self Care, Erica will teach you how to create a weed tincture.
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Smoking Doobies in Denver

Host Simone Sullivan explores the many weed-friendly tourist attractions of Denver, Colorado.
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Spark Up Your Love Life with Cannabis-Infused Lube

Are you looking to spice up your sex life with some weed? On this episode of Cannabis Self Care, Erica is here to teach you how to make weed lube.
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How to Make Cannabis-Infused Bath Salts

Whip up a batch of these weed bath salts for the most relaxing bath of your life.
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Police Data Reveals Stark Racial Disparities in Weed Arrests in Canada

With cannabis legalization coming into effect in just a few months, it doesn’t seem like the Liberals intend on pardoning the records of those who have been convicted of simple weed possession

How to Make a Bong Out of a Potato Chip Can

VICE's Trey Smith shows you how to use a pen, duct tape, a TV cable, and a potato chip can to make a reliable bong in just a few minutes.


2 Chainz samples the finest bud box from Canndescent with a certified weed interpener (think weed sommelier).
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Trying To Run A Professional Interview Whilst High

We test the effects of weed on the brain, and to explore how well you can retain information while high by sending a volunteer to interview a musician in Amsterdam.

Meeting with "Cannasexuals": Practicing Cannabis Intimacy

In this scene from SLUTEVER, Karley meets with Ashley Mantra, a sex educator who specializes in cannabis intimacy.
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Nugs: Bong Inc

VICE meets with Canadian glass artists Redbeard, Goolen, and Matt Robertson as they produce pieces in their workshop, test their favourite rigs, and tell us why they want to protect glass blowing from mass-production takeover.
Weed Tech

The Lab Making Sure Your Legal Weed Is Safe to Smoke

We visit ProVerde, a lab that tests weed for harmful contaminants, to hear from CEO Dorian Des Lauriers about how his company uses high-tech screening tools to gauge if a batch of legal cannabis is OK to consume.