The Cooking Show

Chili Mac is the Union of Chili & Mac and Cheese

Farideh is making one of her favorite recipes, which happens to be the perfect camping meal: chili mac, a hybrid of chili and macaroni and cheese.

Award Winning Tex Mex Chili

Dave Rizo from Yellow Rose in NYC shows how to make his childhood chili.

How To Make Singaporean Chili Crab

Michelin-Starred chef Salil Mehta of NYC’s Laut Singapura makes the flavor-packed national dish of Singapore: chili crab
Regional Specialities

Local Obsession: New Mexican Hatch Chile

Welcome to Local Obsession, where we highlight niche regional specialities. Every region has a food they are obsessed with—in Hatch, New Mexico, that something is chiles.
How-To / web

How-To: Beef Tongue Nachos with Action Bronson

Action Bronson teams up with MUNCHIES' culinary director Farideh Sadeghin to make Toronto legend Jen Agg's Tongue Chili Nachos from MUNCHIES: Late-Night Meals from the World's Best Chefs.
How-To / web

Make Kimchi At Home

In this episode of How-To, chef Deuki Hong teaches us how to make the traditional fermented Korean staple, kimchi.
Daily VICE

This Chef Hunted a Deer for the Ultimate Bowl of Super Bowl Chili

Chef Michael Hunter is the co-owner of Antler, a Toronto restaurant specializing in locally sourced game meat. He also hunts in his spare time and turned his recent catch into a hearty bowl of venison chili perfect for Super Bowl Sunday.
Daily VICE

Making Chili With Matty Matheson at His Very First Buffalo Tailgate

In this extra scene from the season finale of Dead Set On Life, Matty cooks up a very meaty chili.