Decade of Hate

Conspiracy Theorists Are Creating Their Own Nation

Sovereign Citizens are a bizarre anti-government conspiracist group who believe they’re above the law. But experts say they are showing a dangerous potential for violence.
Decade of Hate

Germany's Far Right is Surging

Forget the pandemic, Germany is plagued by conspiracies. In the birthplace of the Nazis, COVID-skeptics have formed an alliance with a cohort of far-right nationalists.

Ha11BX1371ween Special (Watch Full Screen)

A creepy video is mysteriously posted online & goes viral. The clues internet sleuths uncover are bone-chilling, including audio spectrograms of the video spelling out “You Are Already Dead” & depicting graphic scenes of torture…

Hunting the One Percent’s Doomsday Bunkers in New Zealand

Journalist Baz MacDonald searches for evidence of the survival bunkers being shipped to New Zealand, while investigating the factors causing this rise in paranoia among the rich and the effect this rhetoric has on their destination of choice.
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How the Right made antifa into the boogeyman

Antifa is full or theories on the left and right
Daily VICE

Conspiracy Theory: America Invaded Iraq to Prevent Saddam Hussein From Using a Stargate

An internet conspiracy believes the U.S invaded Iraq in 2003 because a stargate is located near the country's capital. We asked VICE's in-house conspiracy theorist Mack Lamoureux to get to the bottom of the mystery.
The Real

The Real 'X-Files'?

VICE travels to Roswell, NM with the paranormal investigator and skeptic who's been called the real-life Dana Scully.
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Who Killed Alberto Nisman?: In Search of Truth in Argentina

VICE News traveled to Buenos Aires to investigate the mysterious death of special prosecutor Alberto Nisman.
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Magic Bullet: David Icke and the Lizard Apocalypse

Conspiracy theorist David Icke takes us to a local satanic execution site and discusses the plot of the secret lizard illuminati.