The New Normal

Giving Back With Free Pizza - New Normal

Miriam Weiskind gave up her career as an art director to bake pizza out of her tiny one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn.
Ritz: Our Table / web

How 4 Chefs Found Family In The Restaurant Industry

2020 marked a time of massive upheaval in the restaurant industry. We asked 4 chefs how chosen family has helped them navigate an unprecedented year.
The New Normal

Selling Colombian Food Out Of A Bedroom Window

Through her project La TropiKitchen, Stephanie Bonnin makes handcrafted Colombian food and sells it from her apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
The New Normal

Empanadas For The Greater Good

When Carlos of NADAS Empanadas started selling his colorful, Colombian-style empanadas around the Tri-State area, he had no idea COVID-19 was about to change everything.
Side Hustles

Making Custom Anime Kink for Paying Customers

Meet Madame Namio, a dominatrix paying for school and getting through the pandemic with creative BDSM content and a bunch of self-love.
The Latest

How COVID-19 Exposed Institutional Prejudice

In this episode of The Latest with Lee, we explore how the dysfunction in systems like transportation, healthcare, and education exacerbated the pandemic's effects on communities of color.
COVID-19 Diaries / web

7 Week Impossible Journey to Find My Newborn Baby in Ukraine: Operation Independence Day

People report around the world their quarantine stories via a diary format.
MailChimp | Essentials

Essential Workers Are Now Fighting Two Pandemics at Once | Essentials Episode 4

As “shelter in place” becomes “take to the streets” and the fight against COVID adds a fight for racial equality, essential workers continue to provide for the communities they serve. In partnership with Mailchimp.
MailChimp | Essentials

24 Hours In The Life Of America’s Essential Workers | Essentials Episode 3

The Coronavirus pandemic has upended all our lives, and we’re still adjusting. In this episode of Essentials, we see the struggle of getting back to a new normal. In partnership with Mailchimp.
The Latest

COVID-19’s Devastating Effect on American Farmers

Why are there shortages in grocery stores while farmers are destroying their crops? Why are pigs being euthanized? Why are millions of pounds of potatoes going to waste?
Quarantine Conspiracy Show

Down the 5G & COVID-19 Conspiracy Rabbithole

Lee Adams hosts a show about the dark corners of the internet, filmed on the internet, for the internet.
Quarantine Cooking

Isaac Toups’ Chicken and Corn Chip Casserole

Isaac Toups makes his wife's famous chicken and chip casserole.