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Pairing Wine with Donuts in Las Vegas

In this bonus scene from Munchies Guide To, host Braydon Szafranski gets a lesson in donut-wine pairings from the head sommelier at a top Las Vegas hotel. Munchies Guide To... is available on Crave.
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I Tried Three Bougie Hangover Cures

VICE reporter Manisha Krishnan's go-to hangover cures have stopped working as she has gotten older. So after a legendary night out, she tried out three high-end treatments, from a sweat spa to a vitamin IV, to see what might help her feel better.
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What We Can Learn From Beyoncé About Money, Sisterhood & More

Veronica Chambers is the editor behind the essay collection 'Queen Bey: A Celebration of the Power and Creativity of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter'. We asked her what lessons we can learn from Bey.
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I Learned the Art of Test Cutting with a Katana

Tameshigiri is the ancient Japanese art of target test cutting. VICE's Raf Katigbak got a lesson in handling a katana and learned about the dark history of testing Japanese swords.
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The World's Greatest Mystery May Finally Be Solved

Russia recently reopened the investigation into the Dyatlov Pass incident, an unsolved mystery that has become fodder for conspiracy theorists. Now, 60 years later, we may finally get some answers.
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Foraging in Sweden for Cocktail Ingredients

In this bonus scene from Munchies Guide To, host Ivar Berglin goes foraging for spruce tree tips to include in a cocktail from award-winning Swedish bartender, Emil Areng.
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My Tribute to A Tribe Called Quest

Hanif Abdurraqib's 'Go Ahead in the Rain: Notes to a Tribe Called Quest' is an unconventional biography of the seminal hip-hop group. He tells us what he learned from ATCQ about brotherhood and why he always felt most connected to Phife Dawg.
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Zero-Waste Stores Are Helping Us Ditch Plastic

Unboxed Market is a new zero-waste grocery store in Toronto and the latest addition to the global zero-waste movement. We went to the store to see how it’s helping people cut down on excessive plastic packaging.
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Why Grey Squirrel Is on This Restaurant's Menu

We speak to the founders of Native restaurant in London, England about why they decided to put grey squirrel on their menu and how it's part of the ethics of their Borough Market kitchen.
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The Absurd Political Comedy of Folk Lordz

Folk Lordz are a duo who bring together their Indigenous and Eastern European backgrounds to make their unique brand of progressive weirdo comedy.
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Inside a Centuries-Old Cider Brewery in Spain

We visit a centuries-old apple cider brewery in Spain's Basque Country where cider is making a comeback to see how 500 years of history makes this cider different.
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The Misconceptions of Tattooing Black Skin

Tattoos are more popular than ever, but Black tattoo artists and clients still feel devalued in the industry. We speak with two artists about their experiences and how they’re carving out space for Black tattoo enthusiasts.
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Practicing a Rare Japanese Sword Art

Niten ichi ryu is an ancient form of Japanese swordsmanship that features two wooden swords. We meet Canada's only officially recognized instructor to find out how dangerous the sword art can be and what it brings to those who practice it.
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Talking God with Trixie & Katya

In this bonus scene from The Trixie & Katya Show, the pair share their religious beliefs. The Trixie & Katya Show is available on Crave.
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This Dance Show Gives Magic Mike a Run for Its Money

Shavar Blackwood is the man behind Toronto’s sexiest dance showcase, Hot Seat Sunday. Blackwood created a show where men can express themselves and women can come to feel appreciated. We spoke with him about sensuality in the Magic Mike era.
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Making a Pork Pie Wedding Cake

In this bonus scene from 'Munchies Guide To...' the crew visits Northern England where an award-winning pork pie baker has started the trend of meat pie wedding cakes.
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The 'Uber' of Phone Repair Will Come to You in a Storm

We meet two of the founders of Auxe, a student-run tech repair startup whose technicians come to you to fix your phone, and we follow one of their technicians to see how far they'll go to repair a cracked screen.
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Why I Joke About My Audience’s Sex Lives

Comedian Yumi Nagashima recently went viral for calling out an audience member on his oral sex technique. We met up with her to talk about how she hopes her stand-up empowers women to speak more openly about what they want in bed.
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Black Horror's Complicated Evolution

The new documentary, Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror, explores the evolution of how black people are portrayed in horror movies. We met up with the people behind the film to talk about how horror is more than zombies and vampires.
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Turning Pig Guts into a Traditional Welsh Dish

In this bonus scene from Munchies Guide To, the crew heads to a centuries-old pig farm in Wales to see how they use a pig's organs to make a hearty Welsh dish. Munchies Guide To...is available on Crave and airs Fridays at 11P ET/PT on Gusto.
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Sasheer Zamata & Stella Meghie Love Romances

'The Weekend' is a new movie from director Stella Meghie that stars SNL alum Sasheer Zamata. We met up with Stella and Sasheer to talk about their fave romance movies.
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Becoming a Star in the Ballroom Scene

James Baley is part of a new generation of performers in Toronto's ballroom scene. We find out why ballroom has become such a big part of his life as he prepares for the Black Liberation Ball.
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Horror and Hookups with Trixie and Katya

In this bonus scene from The Trixie & Katya Show, the queens decide which horror monsters they match with. The Trixie & Katya Show is available on Crave.
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This Afrofuturist Art is Filled with Pop Culture Easter Eggs

Yung Yemi is a visual artist whose work pulls from sources like Star Trek, Nigerian photography and Vogue magazine. His latest series, Holding Space, is the result of a personal historical exploration.