Round Table Debates / Clip

Police Debate Female Cops, Arrest Quotas, & Racial Bias

Vice's Lee Adams invited 8 police officers to candidly discuss and debate police structures and policies including: racism, excessive force, and defunding the police.
Round Table Debates / Clip

Latinx Conservatives and Liberals Debate the Wall, Immigration, and Race (Part 1/2)

Liberal and conservative members of the Latinx community duke it out at the VICE Miami office.
Minority Reports

Black Conservatives Debate Black Liberals on Trump, Obama, and American Politics

Who voted for Donald Trump? Who voted for Barack Obama? What’s it like seeing a black person wearing a MAGA hat? Has the black vote been taken for granted? Black conservatives and liberals hash it out in the VICE Office.
Daily VICE

Sneak Peek: We Debate The Future Of 'Daddy' As Slang in 2017

Here is a sneak peek at the debate over the future of the word 'Daddy,' with more to come on Daily VICE next week.
VICE News Specials

British Voters Explain Why They're Voting to Stay in the European Union

British voters explain why they're voting to stay in the European Union.
VICE News Specials

These British Voters Tell Us Why They Want Their Country to Leave the European Union

The People Speak on Brexit: Why I am voting to leave the EU.

Election Debate (Sep. 2015)

Two MP candidates in their 20s answer VICE's questions, ahead of the September elections in Greece.

The Debate

A debate between two young people, one who is against European Austerity policies and one who is pro-Europe, over the future of Greece within the Eurozone - in the light of news developments on June 2015.