Politics of Sex

No uterus, No money, No papers

Women in Beed, an impoverished, drought-hit district in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, are resorting to removing their uterus. These women are sugarcane labourers and work for nearly 18 hours every day during the cutting season.
My Debt Diary

I Was $10k in Debt Because of Instagram

Meet Lisette, an Instagram influencer, who racked up $10K in debt in her pursuit to Instagram fame.
My Debt Diary

Why This Couple Is Speaking Out About the Fertility Industry

VICE follows parents Melanie and Ketch to explore the cost of having a baby in the United States.
Makes Cents Created with Geico / web


Don't make the split any more painful than it already is by trashing your credit score as well.

Meet the Infamous Debt Collectors of Indonesia

We met a crew of Moluccan debt collectors to find out more about their tight-knit community, and the tactics they use to get debtors to pay up.

The Cult of Debt Forgiveness

VICE investigated the Swissindo World Trust International Orbit, a cult that's convinced its followers it can wipe away debts—even though critics, prosecutors, and bankers say it's all just a Ponzi scheme.
Impact Shorties

Bernie Sanders on Why It's Time to Make College Tuition Free

Student loan debt in the US topped more than 1.3 trillion dollars this year. Senator Bernie Sanders wants to change that.
Parental Guidance

Where Babies Come From

It’s not quite as straightforward as one plus one anymore. In the first episode of Parental Guidance, we look at the alternative ways people are having children.
VICE News Shorts

Veterans still can't get answers after the VA charged them thousands

Many veterans still can't get answers after the VA charged them thousands. Here are a few of their stories.
Black Market / Clip

Michael K. Williams on Gun Violence and Gun Control

Mike shares his personal thoughts on losing friends to gun violence, and his astonishment to how easy it is to get a gun--and move it--in America today.
Black Market / Clip

An Atlanta Gun Runner on Why He Deals Weapons

Mike speaks asks a gun runner why he deals in weapons and if he has any remorse for the likely harm that will be caused by them.
Rule Britannia

UK's Scariest Debt Collector

The man who helped introduce urban terrorism to the UK's underworld is trying to use his skills for good.