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High Society

Is Scotland the New Cocaine Capital?

In 2018, Scotland was named the most cocaine-consuming nation on the planet, leading to a deadly trend of cocaine injection and a wave of crime in Glasgow.
High Society

Pissing Blood: The Ketamine Time Bomb

Britain is the ketamine capital of Europe, with one in 30 young people here taking it - the highest number since records began. Why do Brits love this bladder-destroying horse tranquiliser so much?
High Society

New Crystal Meth is Stronger Than Ever

In this episode, we go to Germany, to see how crystal meth manufactured in Dutch super labs is taking the country by storm.
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Roid Renaissance: The UK’s Steroid Epidemic

In this episode of High Society, VICE explores why a generation of young men are getting hooked on steroids. From the dealers selling it, to the men taking - how dangerous are they?
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The Druggiest Island on Earth: Ibiza

Britain takes more drugs than any other country in Europe, so we've made a documentary series about just that.
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The Pink "Cocaine" Wave

A so-called pink “cocaine,” aka tucibi, has taken over Colombia’s drug scene and is spreading into Europe. To find out what this mysterious pink powder actually is, Matt Shea takes a deep dive into Medellin’s narco-underworld.

Meet the Martha Stewart of Marijuana

VICE met up with Cheryl Shuman, the founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, to find out how catering to A-list celebrities and Hollywood elites made her one of the most successful weed entrepreneurs in California.
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Eternal K-Hole of the Spotless Mind

VICE follows Timmy Davis, a 24-year-old who thinks he may be drinking too much, in a groundbreaking new study that explores whether ketamine can curb alcohol addiction.
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How Weed Laws Are Failing the UK

We meet growers, medical marijuana users, politicians, and a couple of thieves who have come up with a novel way to make money off the UK cannabis trade.