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What It Costs to See an NHL Game in Canada

Although tickets to see the Toronto Maple Leafs remain absurdly expensive, how the rest of Canada's NHL teams stack up might surprise you.
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Canada (Preview)

In Beerland's first international episode, Meg travels to Canada.

The First Openly Transgender Player in the Canadian Women's Hockey League

Jessica Platt, the first openly transgender player in the Canadian Women's Hockey League, sat down with us to discuss her transition, how that affected her hockey career, and the experience she went through when coming out.
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The World's Oldest Hockey Rivalry

Hockey’s “Gibson Cup” is as old as the sport itself, and in a quiet Michigan town where the game was first born, two teams have been battling for it for over 100 years.
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Remembering Gord Downie with Tourmate and Teammate Dave Bidini

Canada has been celebrating the life of The Tragically Hip frontman, Gord Downie. We met his longtime friend Dave Bidini of the Rheostatics to talk about his memories of touring and playing hockey with one of this country's most beloved musicians.
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Stanley Cup Traditions

VICE Sports explains the weird traditions and superstitions surrounding the Stanley Cup.
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Locker Room Brews

Meg meets with Chuck & Pope, two homebrewers bringing to beer league hockey
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Fighting in Hockey

VICE Sports explains why fighting is an established tradition in the NHL and how it has become increasingly more controversial.
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We Smoked Darts with 'Dart Guy'

Jason Maslakow aka Dart Guy became an overnight meme sensation when he was spotted at a Leafs game with full face paint and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.
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Hockey and the Winter Olympics

VICE Sports explains how after 20 years of participation, the NHL will longer be sending players to play in the Winter Olympics.
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My Brother: Pro Hockey's First Transgender Player

VICE News reporter Rachel Browne takes a trip to Buffalo to visit her brother Harrison, the first transgender professional team athlete in North America.
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Reporter's Notebook: Covering My Brother, the First Transgender Player in Pro Hockey

Reporter's Notebook: Covering My Brother, the First Transgender Player in Pro Hockey