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The Cast of BET's 'Boomerang' Plays Astrology Bingo

Tetona Jackson, RJ Walker, Lala Milan and Brittany Inge, cast of BET’s Boomerang, play horoscope bingo in Broadly’s 'Stars Align.'
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The History of Acrylic Nails

It may not surprise you to hear that the invention of one of the 20th century’s most polarizing beauty trends — the acrylic manicure — is credited to a straight white man. But the concept of nail adornment actually dates back centuries.
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Reading Tarot with "I Feel Pretty's" Busy Philipps and Sasheer Zamata

Broadly's resident witch, Sara Lyons, sits down with Busy Philipps and Sasheer Zamata- stars of the new film I Feel Pretty- to read their tarot and get a glimpse of their future.
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HOODWITCH: How to Make Psychic Tea

Bri Luna, The Hoodwitch, teaches you how to open your eyes to the work through psychedelic tea.
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HOODWITCH: Relaxing With Clear Quartz

Bri Luna, the Hoodwitch, teaches us how to relax with clear quartz.
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HOODWITCH: Practicing Self Love Using Rose Quartz

Bri Luna, the Hoodwitch, teaches us how to practice mindfully with Rose Quartz.
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VICE News Correspondent Gianna Toboni Holds Truth to Power

VICE News correspondent Gianna Toboni shares some of the stories that have defined her career.
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The Legacy of Mae Jemison, the First Black Woman to Travel Space

Diversity, representation, and inclusion are so important. These are just a few of the things that made it possible for Mae Jemison to become the first black woman to travel to space.
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'Menswear Dog', the Most Stylish Dog on Instagram

In this video, Broadly meets Yena Kim and her dog Bodhi, the Shiba Inu social media star that dresses better than any guy we’ve ever met.
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Bikke The Chip, Instagram's Famous Chipmunk Celebrity

Broadly meets Instagram star, Bikke the Chip.
The Chosen Ones

Why the World Is Still Fascinated with Astrology

In this episode of 'The Chosen Ones,' host Gavin Haynes dives into the world of horoscope-obsessed astrologists to discover his destiny as a Scorpio.