Munchies Ramadan

Fasting During a Pandemic

This year, the tradition of Ramadan was unlike any other.
Minority Reports

Why So Many Latinos Are Converting to Islam

Latinos are one of the fastest growing groups within Islam in America. VICE's Lee Adams travels to Texas to investigate what’s behind this phenomenon and how America’s current political climate might be related.
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ISIS is out of Iraq but the damage in Mosul remains

Airstrikes and heavy gunfire continue to shake Iraq's second largest city. VICE News looks ahead to the monumental task of rebuilding
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ISIS destroyed iconic Islam mosque as a “symbolic action”

The Grand Mosque of al-Nuri, one of Islam’s great cultural and religious monuments, was destroyed in the battle for Mosul.
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A Saudi prince created a comic-book heroine who wears a veil

VICE News attended Saudi Arabia's first-ever Comic Con in Jeddah, the conservative Gulf state’s culture capital.
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This Artist Wants You to See Beyond the Stereotypes of the Burqa

Artist Mariam Magsi explores veils associated with Islam in her work. In her latest piece, Magsi lays on the floor in a burqa while a recording of her crying plays.
Flip Book

Flip Book - Abdul Abdullah

Perth-born visual artist Abdul Abdullah unpacks his work and the messages behind. Abdullah talks about the political, personal and social implications of racial prejudice—of living as part of a perceived minority.
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Why I Wear a Burqa in My Art

Pakistani-Canadian artist Mariam Magsi tells us why she explores burqas and veils in her work.
VICE Greece Specials

The Mosque of Athens

We met the people who are opposed to the construction of a muslim temple in Athens.
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Leaders of vandalized mosques respond to Trump’s win

With a Trump presidency on the horizon, leaders of vandalized mosques weigh in.
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How Muslim pilgrimages could diversify Saudi economy

The Hajj Effect
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Iranian Women Bike Against Cycling Ban

How Iranian women protested cycling ban