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Trudeau On How His Brother's Pot Charge Disappeared

Malik Scott was charged with cannabis possession and fears it will result in a criminal record. He asked Trudeau what would he say to someone in his position, given that if his bill goes forward, cannabis will be legalized in a year.
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I Smoke Weed: Jen

If we say it, we'll normalize it. If we normalize it, we'll legalize it.
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I Smoke Weed: Gia

If we say it, we'll normalize it. If we normalize it, we'll legalize it.
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Can Canadians Cash In on America's Pro-Weed Vote?

VICE News editor Natalie Alcoba has more on what a re-drawn U.S. marijuana map could mean for Canadian companies and consumers.
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Marijuana Migrants

Krishna travels to Colorado, meeting families who've relocated to seek medical pot and starry-eyed ganjapreneurs trying to strike gold in America's Marijuana Mecca.
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The Emerald Triangle

Krishna meets growers in CA whose farms are threatened by corporate interests.
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The War on Weed

Krishna investigates how Bernard Noble's two joints led to 13 years in prison.
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Cannabis in Congo

Krishna travels to Congo to meet the mbuti pygmies, female dealers, and farmers in rebel territories who all smoke and sell weed as a way of eking out a living.
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Half Baked

Krishna heads to DC and Amsterdam to see if partial pot legalization can work.
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Mary Janes

Can the booming business of marijuana become the first gender-equal industry? Krishna meets women working across the pot trade.
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The Drug Laws of Mendocino County

Krishna sits down to talk about how Mendocino County approaches the law and communities growing marijuana in California's Emerald Triangle.
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The Future of Weed Snacks

Krishna takes a tour of the home of pot soda, Dixie Elixirs, and sees how they make thousands of edible marijuana products every day.