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I Was Hospitalized Before Doctors Took My Disease Seriously

Women with chronic illnesses are often misdiagnosed with anxiety, depression, or hypochondria instead of receiving the treatment they need. This is Devri’s story.

How To Make Italian Stuffed Mussels with Katie Parla

Katie Parla, author of Food of the Italian South, stopped by the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen on her way back from Rome to show us how to make stuffed mussels.
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Is Asian Rap Cultural Appropriation?

Model Salem Mitchell sits down with local LA rapper, Hollei Day to discuss Asians in Hip Hop, and the female rappers views on cultural appropriation.
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Grandma Techno Captures Detroit's Rave Culture

76-year-old Patricia Lay-Dorsey AKA Grandma Techno has been taking photos at Movement festival in Detroit since 2005. We talk with her about her new photo book and how today's dance music culture mirrors the ‘60s.
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Humanizing Iconic Brands Through Art

Briony Douglas collected hundreds of items to create collage sculptures for her exhibition, Homage. Assembled to represent iconic brands, the pieces tell the story of the people behind brands we idolize. We went to her studio to see her work.
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Career Advice from Breakout Actor Mamoudou Athie

Mamoudou Athie is an actor on the rise. His latest role is in Brie Larson's directorial debut 'Unicorn Store', now on Netflix. Amil Niazi talked to him about working with Samuel L. Jackson and the pressures of being a breakout star.
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How to Build a Donut Empire

Cuzin's Duzin is a donut shop that wants to increase profits after 25 years in the business. In this extra scene from VICE's 'Hustle', they visit a communications coach. 'Hustle' airs Saturdays at 9P ET/PT on MTV Canada.
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Inside the World of Competitive YouTube Water Drinkers

Hidden among the billions of videos on YouTube lives a community of highly passionate competitive water drinkers. VICE's Mack Lamoureux talked to some of them to find out why they do it.
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Now a Comic Book Hero

We speak to Josh Blaylock, the creator of the comic book, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force, about why he wanted to turn the millennial congresswoman into a comic book hero and what she represents for young people today.
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Inside a Legal Cannabis Curling Tournament

It doesn't get much more Canadian than curling and weed in the middle of winter. This January, the town of Wiarton, Ontario hosted Canada's first legal cannabis curling tournament and we went to the bongspiel to meet the curlers and throw some rocks.
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Unearthing the Vibrant History of Black Queer Activism

Legacies in Motion unearths the stories of activism from the Black LGBTQ communities throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s. We talk with the exhibit's curator about the erasure of Black queer history and how he wants to unite generations of activists.
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What a $500K House Looks Like Across Canada

VICE FREE's Anne Gaviola looked at what a millennial couple with a $500K budget can buy in housing markets across the country.