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What a $500K House Looks Like Across Canada

VICE FREE's Anne Gaviola looked at what a millennial couple with a $500K budget can buy in housing markets across the country.
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Millennials Are Getting Hypnotized Over Skype to Deal with Anxiety

Andrea Young is a hypnotherapist who helps millennials deal with anxiety and burnout through “virtual hypnosis.” We tried it and spoke with her about why people are getting hypnotized over Skype.
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From La Hashtag to El Hipster: A Millennial Twist on a Classic Mexican Game

Mike Alfaro is behind Millennial Lotería, a parody of the classic “Mexican Bingo” game. We talk to him about its viral success and how he is fighting stereotypes with the game.
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The Challenges of Being a Young Tattoo Artist

Nickola Koukla is a tattoo artist trying to make her name in the crowded tattoo world. We asked her what challenges she has faced as she breaks into the industry.
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Snapping Photos Through the Lens of Homelessness

Pierre Woodhurst has lived the harsh reality of homelessness. We spent an afternoon with him as he snapped photos for the MyToronto photo contest, which aims to showcase the work of people who have experienced homelessness in the city.
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Forget Saving For the Future, Millennials Want to Travel Now

Forget Saving For the Future, Millennials Want to Travel Now
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Yesterday on the Internet: Millennials and their Avocado Toast

Avocados have become the mascot in an intergenerational war