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Why Your Rent is So Damn High

In 2017 about 43 Million Americans spent more than $485 billion on rent, which is the most money ever spent on rent. Lee explains why so many people are renting more than ever and how much we are spending on it.
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Taking Food Videos to the Next Level

In this bonus scene from the new VICE show 'Hustle,' host John Henry helps a jam maker shoot a social video. 'Hustle' airs Saturdays at 9P ET/PT on MTV Canada.
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Reaping the Rewards of a Squirrel Inheritance

A big inheritance can mean the difference between winning and losing in life, especially for squirrels. We find out how it happens and why squirrels aren't so different from humans after al
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The 'Uber' of Phone Repair Will Come to You in a Storm

We meet two of the founders of Auxe, a student-run tech repair startup whose technicians come to you to fix your phone, and we follow one of their technicians to see how far they'll go to repair a cracked screen.
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How to Handle a Japanese Sword

Jason Nip is an expert in ancient Japanese swordsmanship, including the art of target test cutting. We met him at the dojo to test his sword and learn about owning and maintaining a katana.
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What It Takes to Own a House with 6 People

A group of six friends recently bought a million-dollar house together in Toronto. But that was only the first step. We find out how they make it work and what happens when someone wants out.
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How Six People Bought a Million-Dollar House Together

We find out how and why a group of six friends pooled their money together to buy a million-dollar house in one of Canada's hottest real estate markets.
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What It Costs to Be a High-End Weed Connoisseur

Producer Lunice gives us a tour of his collection of weed and weed accessories, including a high-end vaporizer and a cigar-like cannagar.
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What It Costs to See an NHL Game in Canada

Although tickets to see the Toronto Maple Leafs remain absurdly expensive, how the rest of Canada's NHL teams stack up might surprise you.
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How I Sold My First Game to Hasbro

Pam Walls got the idea for her game, Hold That Face, while people-watching at a mall. A few months later, she'd sold it to giant game maker Hasbro. We hung out with the passionate game designer to find out how she did it.
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How I Make Money as a Professional Witch

Sabrina Scott makes a living off of witchcraft, performing various services that often involve communing with the dead. We met up with her to find out what it’s like freelancing as a witch.
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Horror Stories from a Rental Market Gone Wild

VICE News reporter Tamara Khandaker takes us through some of the horror stories she heard about Toronto's crazy rental market after her own apartment search uncovered a rental market gone wild.
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How Much Money Can Pro Gamers Make?

Joshua Lee is an eSports player and coach who is trying to turn his passion for gaming into a well-paid career. We asked him what it takes to make it in the gaming industry and how much a pro gamer can make.
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This Trumpet Prodigy Crowdfunded $100K to Get to Juilliard

Seventeen-year-old musical prodigy William Leathers is one of only three trumpet players accepted into Juilliard's undergrad program this year. But the annual $91,000 CAD costs meant he and his family had to turn to crowdfunding.

Tru Romance

Deuce investigates a $10K bulletproof suit, diamond shoes, and a $100K martini.

Chainz Bond

Deuce investigates a $10K bulletproof suit, diamond shoes, and a $100K martini .

Snacks On Snacks On Snacks

2 Chainz taste $500 Popcorn, a $100 cup of coffee, and a $100k bottle of water.
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Explaining Blockchain with Scrabble

Cryptocurrency experts have created an altered version of the popular game Scrabble to explain blockchain.
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What It Costs to Ride a Vintage Motorcycle

We find out why millennials are turning to vintage motorcycles and what it costs to start riding one.
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This Artist Is Going All-In on Bitcoin

We speak to Lincoln Townley, a star of Britain's contemporary art scene, who is one of the first artists in the world to embrace Bitcoin and create a cryptocurrency-inspired collection.
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Barbie Ferreira's Guide to Getting More Money

In this episode of 'How To Behave', host Barbie Ferreira looks for way to summon money in the modern era.
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What It Costs to Be a Full-Time Drag Queen

Baby Bel Bel is one of the Toronto drag scene's hardest-working queens. From wigs to hip pads, he showed us the costs and benefits of being a full-time drag performer.
Blowing It

Eric Hu

Nike design director Eric Hu explains why ignorance isn’t bliss after his credit card bill followed him home following a year abroad in NYC.

Fam Life

2 Chainz checks out a $100K kitten, a $500 baby bib, and a $3K toothbrush.