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Teenage Scientists Launch a Rocket in to Space

For the first time in history, an independent group of college students is launching a rocket into space.
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Meet the people who think the earth is flat

VICE News attended the first ever International Flat Earth Conference, where attendees who previously only interacted online got to swap conspiracy theories in person.
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We Met the Guy Developing Uber's Pilotless Air Service

Amid controversy, Uber is forging ahead with its plans for urban air travel. We met the former NASA engineer working on how to make pilotless aircraft part of the fleet.
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NASA's Spacecraft Aims to Bring a Piece of Asteroid Back to Earth

This week NASA, with support from the Canadian Space Agency, is expected to launch the OSIRIS REx spacecraft on an intercept course with the asteroid, Bennu

Should Humans Try to Contact Alien Civilizations?

Motherboard meets with Doug Vakoch, founder of METI International, an organization dedicated to sending interstellar messages to extraterrestrial lifeforms.

Tracking Bacteria on the Space Station Could Help Us Survive Beyond Earth

Dr. Chris Mason is using genetics to understand how humans will prepare for -and defend themselves against— life in space.
Weed Tech

Meet the NASA Engineer Whose Vaporizer Took a 'Quantum Leap' Above the Competition

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' Herbalizer's Chief Technology Officer Bob Pratt explains how the years he spent working at NASA helped him build a vaporizer that heats up your weed in 30 seconds.

Biology of Contact

Motherboard meets up with Lynn Rothschild, an astrobiologist at NASA who is working to define life in space.
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Prepping a Deep Space Telescope for a Million-Mile Journey

The James Webb Space Telescope will succeed the Hubble in capturing fascinating images of the universe. We learn how scientists are ensuring its survival in deep space.
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Could There Be Aliens on the Newly Discovered Earth-Like Planets?

It's been a big week for space news as scientists discovered seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a tiny star, raising fresh hopes of finding life beyond our planet.
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How NASA is measuring climate change more precisely than ever

VICE News Tonight visits NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, where thousands of scientists are working to map and study the Earth's systems.
The Creators Project

Lucy McRae on Creativity and the Human Body as Art | Visionaries, Episode 2

In this episode of Visionaries, we meet Lucy McRae, a self-described science fiction artist, filmmaker, and body architect who eventually wants to go to space.